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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Peeler94, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Hello!

    I'm hoping to join the TA, specifically 100 Regt RA(V), and I wondered if anyone could shed some light on things I've read or heard about it. I have 9 to 12 months to wait before I can start Police Constable training with the local force/service and would like to spend that time (and later on) with the RA.

    1) (according to ARRSEpedia) mobilisation for overseas tours is entirely voluntary.

    2) Only a month's notice is needed for leaving the TA, even after 6months basic training and before three years service.

    Thanks very much!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    1) yes

    2) Officially yes, but just hand your kit in if you are not prepared to make the commitment

  3. Just to expand...

    1) You sign up to compulsory mobilisation. At the moment, the directive is that mobilisations are voluntary. The situation can change at any time. Voluntary mobilisation isn't part of your contract.

    2) Essentially, you can quit at any time - except if you have been warned off for mobilisation.
  4. Cheers gents, that helps alot!

    If I was to join and got mobilised, then I'd miss my police training and might have to re-apply...big risk
  5. msr

    msr LE

    You would (currently) only be mobilised if you volunteered for it.

  6. would the soldiers be notified in advance if the mobilisation rules changed?
  7. Have you taken into consideration that you will have to give up the TA when you start your new job? Not forgetting you haven't even joined the TA yet and the application process will also eat into the 9-12months. Why not wait until you have finished probation and then apply to join the TA?
  8. The farce you join cannot make you give up the TA if you have already started. They can discourage you from joining TA if already a Police Probationer. They can and probably will, if you are a probationer refuse to give you 'Special Leave' (up to 15 days a year) to attend TA duties as you are learning a new job and a further 15 days above your annual leave will be classed as detrimental to your development.
  9. Of course.

    The precise wording would be "Hello. Peeler? Good. It's all changed. We're mobilised. You've got 30 minutes to grab your kit and get to the TAC."

    It wouldn't really happen like that, but the rules say that it could. At one Camp I was on, some RMR who were with us got their mobilisation order by phone - report immediately to unit, don't bother to call in at home on the way, flying out tonight. Within 30 mins, they were packed and gone. I think that was for the Balkans.

    "Intelligent" mobilisation is the way of today - look for volunteers, give plenty of notice and they stand more chance of having people available for the next tranche.
  10. Perhaps I should have said 'probably' in my post as different Forces have differing thoughts on Probationers being in the TA and different TA members, already in the police, also have differing thoughts. However my thoughts when posting 'have to' was on the lines of trying to do police training and TA training at the same time.

  11. I rang the Regimental Headquarters today, and the lady I spoke to said that as I had already registered an interest to join Sandhurst in a few years, she didn't forsee a problem in me doing some pre-Police training, as I mentioned I could commit to training at a full-time basis (for now).

    However, I have to wait until the 24th Aug to ring one Captain Hawkings to confirm this.

    Thanks for the posts, the advice is much appreciated.
  12. hi peeler, just wondered where in the country are you as im with 100 regt ra at the moment. joined in feb this year currently doing recruit training.
  13. I live in Hertfordshire so I would join 201 Herts & Beds Yeomanry Battery - where are you based?

    How are you finding it, and how much time per month do you spend training at the moment?
  14. hi ya peeler , im in notts

    training is ok its fairly spread out at the minute, got most of this month off training. the regt seems ok form i've seen of it all so far. hope to welcome you into the fold
  15. I'll look out for a "stefm33" if I pass Selection ;-)