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Good evening all,

I've been in the TA (Inf regt, then cav) for four glorious (feel the sarcasm!) years now. I have recently been nominated for a TA commission and have got a dry run known as the TA Briefing - which precedes the TA Commssions Board and then Sandhurst - at RCB Westbury in the not too distant future.

Whilst I have been informed about what will be contained in my two days at RCB Westbury - e.g. PLANEX, Mental Aptitude Test, Cmd tasks, discussions etc - I would greatly appreciate any input from fellow ARRSE-ers as to their own experiences.

Look forward to your comments (including jibes at my being a wanna-be Rupert!!). :)
send a SELF ADDRESSED Envelope Dettigen Coy, Old College Sandhurst, camberley and you'll receive your commision in the post!
I did TCB in November and my advice is try your hardest at everything, don't let anything daunt you and relax, have fun and enjoy it, as it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Oh, and dont be a knob:D

do u lot really think that ure in the army becase u pretend on the weekend for a few hours silly weekend warriors piss off
Sorry can’t reveal details of the S.F. unit that I belong to.... Ok I lie, and I can only aspire to one day be allowed to join a Mickey Mouse unit! I was only commenting because it seemed to be a bit of a random sweeping statement, sorry if that offends deeply, and allow me to grovel for forgiveness...
Tun said:
whot micky mouse reg do u belong to
Weren't you asking someone what coy at Harrogate they are in in another thread? Therefore I presume you are a boy soldier....stick to the OTC and Cadets thread mate.

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