TA Commissioning course Module 3

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by badmash, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone completed the above and know what it comprises of? When are the key assessments etc? Are you assessed as both a leader and a follower?


  2. Er, what stage are you at at the moment and why have you not been informed via your RTC or (dare I say it) your mates who's done it?

    I ask because you should already know if you are about to embark on Mod 3 that it's an assessment of your suitablility to proceed to Mod 4, and that will include a report on your ability to lead.

    I'm a little worred about this comment:
    It suggests you plan on screwing over fellow students when you are not in a command appointment. If you are, you'll fail (and it will have nothing to do with the DS).

    Anyhow it basically comprises of:

    Rolling Platoon attacks during the day
    Night Recces/nav/insertions anything to take up the night
    Random physical challanges
    Habour drills
    CFT and NBC

    They will assess you as an individual and a leader, when you are physically and mentally drained. Knowing just what will happen will not help you much, it's just a matter of getting stuck in and doing it.
  3. Milk and Cheese,

    The reason for asking is I'm about to embark on Ex Summer Leader and have just got the Joining Instructions for Modules 2 & 3. However, even though I've got the course outline for Module 2, there was nothing about Mod 3 other than it is to assess lessons learnt so far and assess your potential for Mod 4.

    As I'm currently in Australia with work and am flying back for Summer Leader, I'm having trouble contacting people to find out the info, so I thought I'd try the web of knowledge that is arrse....

    I'm not planing to screw my fellow students, but trying to get a better idea of what the course involves to make sure my jetlagged carcass won't let anyone down.

    Thanks for the info and the fun that is the DH super fun book for the flight home!


  4. I'm signed up for Ex Summer Leader too however I haven't yet received and JIs, were they e-mailed to you?