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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Panoptes, May 14, 2008.

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  1. This is probably been done to death on these forums, but having used the less than awesome search function on these boards for over 15 mins trying to find a thread dedicated to this i could only find drib and drabs.

    I'm a student, having just passed Recruit Selection (TA) last Sunday, I am waiting to be attested this drill night.

    I'm also doing summer challenge during the summer to become a fully trained soldier, after which I hope to go to uni and train as an officer.

    Does the Summer challenge "thing" count towards a commission and how quickly could I be commissioned after finishing summer challenge.

    Also what is the process of a TA commission.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Ask your recruiting staff for an interview with your Company / Squadron / Battery Commander.

    You should be able to put quite a dent in your Officer training on Summer Challenge.

  3. Once you are a fully trained soldier the process goes like this:

    Mod 2 -

    Taught either over 10 weekends or a 2 week residential course. Orders and estimates + a few other things.

    Mod 3 -

    A 9 day battlecamp putting into practice what you did on Mod 2.

    Mod 4 -

    3 weeks at Sandhurst after which you are given a pip and put on probation.

    Mods 2 and 3 can be done over the summer if you have time. Mod 4 only runs three times a year, once at Easter and twice in Summer.

    At some point during all this you have to pass two lots of TCB down at Westbury.

    Don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because you are going to uni you should go and be an Officer. Opportunities in the TA seem to be far less at Officer level, and many of the people I know who are at uni have chosen to stay in the ranks as it gives them far more options.

    When I joined up I was hell bent on getting a commission, but after some investigation I realised that TA Officer largely = office job! I am not saying you shouldn't go for it, just that it might not be all you think it will be.
  4. Ex Summer Leader has been suggested to me - any idea whwere I can get more details ?

    is it 4 or 3 weeks ? dates? and as a trained soldier do I need ot do all four ?
  5. 2 Routes

    1. As Emkay mentions above.

    The other is as a DETAPO. Direct Entry T A Potential Officer.

    You bypass the unit you wish to join and speed up the process by attesting direct into a Regional Training Centre who will paperwork join you to a local unit.

    You then go through the Mods listed above and after comissioning then go to a unit that you want and that want you.


    Summer Challenge.
    There is an Potential Officers version called Summer Leader I believe.
    Pm me with your location and I may be able to give you more information.
  6. Panoptes if you are in NI, as I guess from your avatar that you are, it might be worth having a look at QUOTC. Officer training is bread and butter stuff for them and you will get a lot more opportunity to travel etc during your time at Uni than at most TA units with the bonus that training times are tailored around the University year so as not to clash with exams etc. You will also get a chance to play with a lot more kit and get a wider view of the Army than if you joined a specific corps or regiment.

    Having said that you may have other reasons for wanting to go TA rather than UOTC....mates at unit, bigger bounty etc.

    From personal experience a lot of TAPO's are (or were 2-3 years ago) attached to QUOTC by the RTA in NI for training anyway. Just a thought.
  7. Alright Panoptes & GrumpyPickel, this year Summer Leader starts on 13th of July and ends 17th of August taking place mainly at Ripon, Catterick, and Strensall. However to attend you must have completed Mod 1 (initial TA soldier training i think) and have been to AOSB Briefing. Sounds like it might be something to aim for next year, however i'm fairly sure there's a "Winter Leader" course that offers the same outcome.
  8. Are you in the South and are doing the Summer Challenge arranged by 4 Div ?

    If so one of the 3 groups (or Cahoots as they are calling them) is for TAPOs which will set you up to attend TACC (as long as you pass AOSB)
  9. Ex Summer Challenge for 38 Irish Brigade is your phase 1 soldier training.
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    For Rangers it will start on the 27th July and finish at the end of August.

    At some point there will be a brief by the Officer Training Wing (OTW) as to the process of commissioning within the TA. The next course run by OTW will start Oct/Nov 08.

    Potentially you could do Ex SC, start on your Officer Trg and be commissioned by this time next year, at which point you'll look back and wonder what the **** you've just done.

    Whilst it may not answer all your questions completely it's all you're getting from me on these means.

    See you in July.
  10. Cahoots??? or Cohorts??

  11. As of TACC 081 (march this year) those passing Module four will no longer be on probation (apparently). you are sent to your unit as a fully fledged 2Lt to complete specific to arms course (ie. PCBC) and some sort of replacement to module 5.

    They have just changed the way they do the course and nobody at unit level seems to know whats going on.

    If you pass summer leader as far as i am aware that covers modules 2 and 3 meaning you can go straight on to sandhurst, assuming that you have been cleared to do so by the army officer selection board at westbury.
  12. You mean as long as you've got a pass at AOSB, rather than them just saying "yes mate, off you go!" ;)
  13. I'm looking for a webpage that outlines what the age limit is for DE and criteria for LE, just to settle an arguement.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  14. Firstly check with your chain of command re the course. Ex Summer Leader is being run by 15 NE Bde RTC this year. The course delivers module 2 and 3 in prep for RMAS Mod 4. YOu will need to do the whole thing as each is a requirement for entry to RMAS. It delivers the whole syllabus and will prep you for commissioning which in itself is not just a case of passing off Old College Square.
  15. There were several people on the September course last year who had completed all of their training, including modules 2 and 3, on Ex Summer Leader. This is incredibly quick way to commission, and those that I am still in contact with seem to be doing quite well in their roles as officers.

    However, I would recommend spending at least a year as a trained soldier before starting down the officer route. Do at least one annual camp and get comfortable with your role before you decide to be a leader. I had initially planned to commission as quickly as possible, but a minor leg injury held me back a few months. I spent these months doing trade training and going on exercises, and I am now very glad that it worked out this way. What's the rush?