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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Fishsoxs, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Please excuse my ignorance on this.

    I am due, subject to passing Main Board in May, to attend Sandhurst in September for my TACC and have the following two questions:

    Firstly, after completing the TACC, my probationary year and have a tour under my belt would I be able to transfer my commission to a Regular commission or would I have to attend the 44 week Sandhurst course and start again?

    Secondly, if I decided to switch and join the Regulars after completing the TACC would the tests I would have done during TACC just give me valuable experience as what to expect at the end of Regular Sandhurst?

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  3. Point taken.

    Answers to my question ....
  4. It is no longer possible to convert a TA commission to a Regular one. So yes you would have to go back to do the whole 44 week Commissioning Course at Sandhurst.

    Although I didn't do it myself, I would suggest that the experience you would get from completing the TACC and a tour would stand you in good stead for the Regular Course; but then again why not just join the Regular Army to start with?
  5. As far as i know you would have to start again.
  6. Not sure if it ever has been. The rules are clear, if you want to be a regular officer you need to do regular RMAS. The rule applies as much to TA officers as to a 28 year old infantry sergeant, so its fair. If there was a workaround for people who had passed through the TA system, why would anyone bother with the CCC?

    We have had some very capable TA officers serve in my battalion on SSVC commissions,, they were offered places in the battalion should they convert, but even so, they had to do SGC/SMC (as was) first.

    On a slightly related note, a Parachute Regiment officer of my acquaintance who left the Regulars after 16+ years, trained as a medic and then rejoined the Regulars as a doctor, went back to RMAS on the vicars and tarts course. Not sure if he was made to or do so for the fun of it.

    Some good advice above, if you want to be a Regular, why not just get on and do it?

    Good luck!
  7. It certainly has been and I know of 2 individuals personally who have done so. I am not aware in any change in policy since they converted commission as B-C states, I would be interested to know where his information is from.

    The principle is that a post-probationary TA officer has completed the majority of the TOs of the regular course (not my assessment - ATRA and RMAS); if this is further backed up with successful operational experience then there is little point in their starting from scratch. It may be necessary, however, to complete other training, such as the relevant STA YO course.

    Those that transfer from the TA without going back to RMAS are likely to be significantly disadvantaged over seniority and will more than likely find it difficult progressing their career (certainly beyond major). They are also certain to attract whatever 'anti STAB' prejudice lies under the surface of today's 'One Army'.

    So I would suggest it is possible but it is not a recommended 'back door'. If your aim is to go for a regular commission then by all means gain experience with the TA, it will stand you in good stead. But if you are serious about pursuing a regular officer career, as Fred Cat says, regular RMAS is the way to go.
  8. "Regular Commission's " what.........?

  9. I certainly hope you would have to do the full course; the TA course should not be treated as some sort of back door.
  10. He's probably joined and left by now..