TA Commando Training

Looking at 131 Ind. Cdo. Sqn. and was curious as to how long the training takes and how you complete the all arms course part time? So, if I applied and got in, how long from day one is it until pass out and then how long before you can go on tour?
Is this deja vu?

You posted on a similar vein yesterday and got answers. It would appear that you have asked the same question on other forums including PRMRC relating to a slipped disc and been 31, albeit that was 16 months ago......................Have you neither taken notice of peoples valuable input (mine included) nor bothered to contact the Squadron in the meantime?

Time waster.
So why not just ring your nearest unit, you've had 16 months to find their number!

They would obviously furnish you with all the necessary. I could do also having a younger brother serving with same but frankly can no longer be arrsed!
Didn't mean to offend ya, just like to know the ins and outs, guess I'm pretty anxious with having to wait so ask a lot of questions in the mean time.

I been to Kingsbury, didn't get much info, they seemed busy when I went. When you join the Royal Marines, you get loads of info, I can't find much on 131, like freemasons!
131 are a good Squadron.

You should go RMR.
I may be wrong but fear that RMR recruit up to 31 (unless ex-military). At 32 and no previous experience (other than two failed attempts at RM basic training), It may be too late........however the OP has been made aware of this, yesterday and indeed last year on this forum, and on the RMR site itself!!
I think when you join RMR your first day can be no later than the first day of your 32nd birthday (feel free to correct me) - so I'm too old. 131 does sound good, maybe a little too good, maybe I'm suspicious and hence all the questions
131 are a good Squadron.

Don't join them.

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