Ta Colour Blind Regualtions

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i am not sure you will find them listed anywhere around here or certainly on the web, its difficult enough trying to find them as a regular recruiter (and the standard will be the same).

What job are you specifically interested in?
i want to know specifcally what levels (CP's) are accpetable for what jobs, im going for a colour blindness test at the opticians for an exact level, 243 field hospital need this so i can redo my medical, its an official statement of what level i have which they want.
what roles in military inteligence are there in the TA


Go away. Get a grip of yourself. Get the test done, then contact your local unit(s) and ask them whether you can be taken on strength.

I have had enough of your bone posts in the TA forum.

Not open for further replies.

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