Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by slimjim, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi ya I'm a TA CMT, however I have a quick question about TA recruitment of CMT's..

    My sister has no medical background and is thinking of joining the TA as a CMT and has been told my someone at a careers thing in Manchester that the TA wont take you on as a CMT unless you have a medical background..

    Is this true? When did they bring this is? Or is this a we really need a chef stunt?

    Thanks in advance 8)
  2. Yup, it's all down to "Clinical Governance" if your not doing it in civvy street then they aren't going to let you do it in the TA. Existing TA CMT's will bcome CMA's (Assistants). Wheel, reinvent.

    It may be possible to slope along to an inf unit and still get in as a CMA attached to them......
  3. Whats a CMA then?
  4. Combat cleaner and bed pan emptier!
  5. Ah - I see I was more after a de-cryption of the acronym than a job description!
  6. combat medical ASSISTANT....not technician
  7. Actually - having used a tiny bit of grey matter - that now seems like a stupid question.
    Remember there are no stupid questions - just stupid people. :oops:

    Amazingly had to edit such a simple statement. I rest my case. :roll:
  8. So - how does that work then, Im waiting for CMT2 to come up - Im no longer a student nurse - am I binned then?
  9. bone question time :oops:

    So what exactly will a CMA do thats different to a CMT? I was hoping to do the CMT course but may pick a different trade now.
  10. nobody seem too sure this all changed a year ago and they are still picking the bones out of it, latest rumour mill I heard that if you trained as a CMT thats what you will be called regardless of civvie training but who can tell!

    until then...combat mop technician!
  11. ahhh!

    I had heard we were changing to CMA didn't know the reason behind it...

    So could she still join a medical regiment as a CMA then?
  12. I just got back 3 weeks ago from a re-trade to CMT 3, I am not In a medical job and out of the 20 on my course there was only 3 that did have a civi medical job.
    We where told any rumours we have heard about CMT changing to CMA are not going to happen. Apparently the courses are changing towards the end of the year and could involve more home study.
  13. She could probably apply as a CMA, which will be very much like an auxilliary nurse, mopping up the blood and gore, fetching and carrying but not actually anything 'invasive' cannulas or intubation...that sort of stuff. It all started with the clinical governance row that came in a while ago!

    Basically it was the normal knee-jerk reaction.....nobody realised what would happen! now its the back tracking!
  14. This is not true, CMT is almost the only medical role you can join with no medical back ground. I just rang my sgt to fine out.
  15. Odd, I'm an ex reg CMT, currently certified as an EMT with AREMT and have current tickets in trauma assessment, advanced airway management, and IV & IO therapy - and have been most definitely chinned off