Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by slimjim, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi ya I'm a TA CMT, however I have a quick question about TA recruitment of CMT's..

    My sister has no medical background and is thinkinh of joining the TA as a CMT and has been told my someone at a careers thing in Manchester that the TA wont take you on as a CMT unless you have a medical background..

    Is this true? When did they bring this is? Or is this a we really need a chef stunt?

    Thanks in advance 8)
  2. That sounds utter cobblers to me, the regular soldiers who join the RAMC do not come from a medical background. There should be no difference for those wishing to join the TA as a CMT.

    If that fails tell her to inform the ACIO that your dad is a Neuro Surgeon and that should be background enough...
  3. Hi i got turned away from the regulars in 2003 for having high blood pressure. However i now have not been taking medication for over two years, and my blood pressure is fine. Will this bar me from getting into the TA because of my past history?
  4. MB - wrong I'm afraid. It's down to 'Clinical Governance' which basically means that a Regular CMT has more opportunity to practice their skills and is kept up to date, whereas a TA CMT, unless they are working in the medical field in civvy street, can't demonstrate the same level, hence they are becoming CMA's.

  5. Are you trying to break a record for the number of posts about something so utterly useless!!!

    Someone take the computer away!

  6. Yup Greenslime you are way off the mark, Karabiner is correct. You need no medical background to join the RAMC TA, as for the clincal governance you may wish to research exactly what it actually is and why it is in place.
  7. Hi,

    my last few eyars prior to completing 22 was as a PSI, if we had a place and someone was interested and met the criteria (could breath and spell -joke by the way) I would take them in the sqn. When I left I joined my last unit after an 18 month break. A few weeks ago the QM informed us that CMT's are being phased out but we could transfer to AGC, RLC or be some kind of ward stewardess!!! etc, hmmm if I wanted to join the RLC etc I would have done. This may not be the truth but then again when did the Corps ever tell the truth??
  8. I was told at the RAMC apprentice college by the Adjt in 1984 that the Army no were no longer training OTTs (even though I had the slip of paper that said I had been accepted for training as an OTT) and would therefore have to be a member of the newly named CMT trade.
    I pointed out that my brother had just qualified as an OTT and he knew nothing of the training ending.
    23 years later and the army are still training ODPs!
    Dont believe what some monkey tells you just because he's been in a while. The individual who gave me the wrong info was booted out some years later, karma.
  9. Cheers for your thought, I have since spoken to the chap at my unit in charge of recruiting, it's bollox, she can Join as a CMA (obviously my unit are unaware of what Karabiner has said)

    Mountain boy seems the NHS have been on about clinical governance since about 1998, not sure when the army started...
  10. It's good to know that we're all getting the same message :/

    Karabiner - How about getting your team to spread the good news?