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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Pmoor, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Hello there.

    I am hoping to join the TA and train to be a CMT. I'm waiting for the informational DVD to be delivered and I haven't spoken to anybody relevant at a recruiting office yet (calling again during office hours on Monday) so I was just wondering if anybody on here with a spare minute or two could give me a bit of advice please.

    I have no previous medical experience, but I am a former Infantryman. Been a Civilian for five long and meaningless years. Would I be eligible to join or do they really want NHS staff or other people who already have experience or knowledge?

    What are the deployment prospects like and is there a rough timeline on how long it usually takes for somebody to get themselves up to the required standard and qualification to be deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere?

    Sorry for such a long post.

    thank you for your time.

  2. I have a slightly tainted view of the CMT trade after my recent treatment. If you really want to do what your recruiter said CMTs do, then join an other Corps, and THEN go as an RMA/RCMT.

    CMT's that are not Paramedics/Nurses are not allowed to do anything really. You will end up being a GD bod in a Med unit, and not running around fixing people like you want to.

    I don't mean to put a downer on it for you, but the TA CMT trade is obsolete now. DGAMS and the army in general are afraid to use them.

    Why not go inf, then after CIC go to Keogh?

    T C
  3. I've just been reading your comments regarding the changes mate. that is very disappointing for me. I have no intention of rejoining the Infantry. I will look into what you said about joining another Corps and then going RCMT/RMA, and maybe that would be useful and make me more of an asset.

    It's just a bit of a bitch that CMT is where I want to be and it would take long enough to get there as it is without training for a whole other role before that.

    I will start looking into other TA unites near me though and I will speak to as many people as I can before I make any decision. I am not a kid anymore so I can't really afford to make any wrong decisions that will cost me years.

    Thanks for your advice TC.

  4. Pmoor, please dont take TC's tainted view of everything as gospel. The restrictions imposed on CMT(V)'s is as much for their protection as it is for the MOD's.

    The entire CMT (V) CEG is currently under review as there remains a requirement for them so dont take a different route but continue on the one you intended to do. The CEG review may change the title of the CMT and it may change the training requirements but whatever they do the CMT will remain the backbone of the AMS.

    Good Luck at whatever you do.
  5. If you want to talk to some one direct ref becoming a medic in the TA give me a call, PM me and I'll send ya me number. Or go along to your local TA Centre and have a look around, don't just listern to other peoples views go and have a look for ya self.
  6. Im currently in the TA as a CMT, but during the recruitment process I was warned against it as I was told there were some changes going to be made, something about they had a problem with TA CMT actually performing the assigned duties if the person didnt practice this profession in their civvy life, therefore being underqualified for the position. I couldnt really see any other role that appealed to me at the cente that I attend so went ahead anyway, but since I'm still going through the training was told I can change roles at the end of training before comitting myself, but they did make mention, as I think one of the previous posts said, that they were probably going to develop a seperate classification of CMY that would have us more involved.

    Thinks its a bit of a waiting game for now, but as I was told, the chance to switch roles is available.

  7. I have heard this too, but I confess I don't understand the logic. We don't expect infantrymen to storm buildings Monday to Friday.

    It makes sense where the skill for which you are being employed cannot be trained from within the forces. So, for example, I can understand why the Army wouldn't want me doing operations on soldiers that I wouldn't do on NHS patients, because it has no facility to train and assess me in, say, orthopaedic surgery. However, if the Army can teach you the skills, why not allow you to use them?

    Or have I completely misunderstood?

  8. when i was in the ta before i left i tried to transfer from the inf to a med regiment as a cmt having a degree in science (mnainly biology) thought i may as well use it. i got my transfer refused being told that only trained paramedics and ambulance technichians can be recruited as cmt.

    although you could stay in an inf regiment as a cmt. i didnt as i thought i could get more med training
  9. Well I can't make any sense of it myself, but even if these ridiculous changes mean you are not allowed to do the job you are trained for at least you have the ability to do something useful if the situation arises. I'm sure if there are blokes in need of attention in Afghanistan or Iraq nobody will stop to check your credentials.

    And after losing a close friend in a RTA this week my mind is made up. I wasn't there when it happened and there would have been nothing I could do for him either . . . but next time. Next time somebody needs help I have to be able to do all that I can.

    Cheers for the advice lads.
  10. Give it a go.

    I am a TA CMT3, I did Telic 8 - as a medic. Yes, I was at the bottom of the pecking order - and there isn't anything glamorous about looking after the boys with D&V in isolation..... but I was there as a just in case bod. I was sent out on an occasional patrol - and I did innumerable Regimental Med Centre duties. So there was enough to keep me busy.
  11. I think I can understand the logic to be fair, since if I only train in the required paramedic skills for 2 hours on a tuesday evening an then the odd weekend, I wouldnt really expect to be able to handle a live situation as well as say a regular who does the vocation full time. That said, given the current state of affairs you;d think any assistance what-so-ever could be made use of.

    Even though I can understand why they are coming to this conclusion, what now baffles me is why they dont state this as a pre-requisite before you sign the dotted line... would save some trouble and strife IMO.

    I originally wanted to join as a BMS, as I have a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, but since I'm not HPC registered that met a dead end, so I figured a CMT was probably the closest role I could get that had some relevance to my qualifications. Just holding out for now.....

  12. I've just been told on the phone by somebody at the TA that I CANNOT train as a CMT without prior medical experience, but I called Chorley Detachment 5 General Service Medical Regiment anyway and was told by somebody there that I CAN do and many of their guys have juat walked in off the street with no medical training to call on.

    First things first, I need to get my boots on and get out there and do a few miles. I'm going to call in one Tuesday night and get properly briefed up on it.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  13. if that regiment does let you in can you hurt the psao of b sqn for me

    because 5 gs were the ones who refused my transfer because i wasnt a paramedic or ambulance technician. apparently the CO has a policy of only taking those with prior medical experience as CMT which was news to the recruit staff at there and the plt cmd and the 5 recruits training as cmt who had no medical knowledge

    good luck with it though its an alright regiment although tended to lack and phys.

    but the cmt stuff i did before whilst waiting for my transfer with them was pretty good and very detailed (as much as it can be for a CMT)
  14. Hi Pmoor -

    You should look at the RAC. I'm a CMT with them and a guy from my squadron is out in Afghanistan at the moment working as a full-on RCMT. I've been told there may be a chance for a place on Op Herrick 11 as well. Don't bother with the RAMC they told me that I was fairly useless to them unless professionally qualified as a paramedic/ nurse/ doctor etc...another arm and training as CMT 3 is the way to go - although you probably are unlikely to go out on ops and be used until you're CMT 2 qualified.
  15. Pmoor,

    I'm a class 1 CMT with a Gunner Regt. I deployed on Telic 6 as a Class 3, the RAP trained me for my Class 2 whilst on predeployment training and I sat and passed my Class 2 when I was at Basra Palace. I was trained in most of the skills the MO and the Med Sgt reckoned I would need and I also took on board what the Regular CMT 1s told me, learned from them the skills and drills from the shop floor as it were. I still did the patrols as required, I did Med Centre duties as required, I sutured and cannulated, I did basic PHC diagnosis for the MO to deal with, all this along side the other CMTs :) For me it was the best 6 months and the crappiest 6 months of my time in the TA. I learned lots and, apart from the slop jockey from my Battery i was the only bod who was doing his TA job for real, the rest of the guys were deployed as Infantry.

    Go for it, I think you would enjoy it. :D :D