TA CMT attachments/support for long exercises

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Cardinal, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. I got the training programme for my REME TA unit today and there are opportunities for TA manpower to support regular exercises in Canada, Cyprus, Belize and Africa. However its for REME soldiers only.

    Along similar lines I understand the RAC are always willing to take Yeomanry soldiers on these exercises.

    Do AMS units require similar support? and if so how could a non AMS TA unit find out about placing its CMT's at the disposal of AMS units which might want extra manpower?

  2. Plenty of trawls for Manpower.....beware the words TELIC and HERRICK though.
  3. Supposed to be going on Herick myself soon. Its the exercises I was wondering about, my unit says it's only able to find out about REME and AGC posts and not RAMC.

    They do not come under the scope of FTRS or Mobilisation.

  4. Cardinal

    as long as you are serving in a Non-AMS unit - you probably wont see the trawls for med support, and the ones that you will see will either be out-of-date, or crappy ones that no-one else wants
  5. cardinal if you have an armynet account you'll find all the ftrs jobs going including ramc ect
  6. Thanks Bedpan, thats what I thought.

    Supersnake, thanks as well, although I was asking about exercises of a month to two months duration, not FTRS. Although six month tours in support for BATUS comes under FTRS, shorter periods and the other exercises do not.

  7. Cardinal

    Have a chat with your OC REME Det - give the chat a 'need to upkep my skills' spin, and get agreement to contact the local AMS TA Unit.

    Write to the CO / OC Det of said unit and underline who you are, and could you be kept in mind should any trawls come in. At least they will then know who you are, where you are and what you are after.