TA CMT - again!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Scottish_retard, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Hello boys 'n' girls, been lurking for a while, thought I'd ask another question about TA CMT.

    I work part time as an HCA for an agency, will that get me on the course? :?
    Clinical governance wise, it could be argued that I have to keep my skills up to date, same as a full timer.

    Just about to do CMSR with a RE unit, but have always fancied the CMT role. I've also got one of them shiny nursing degrees (adult branch) in 2005, but decided full time butt wiping wasn't for me!

    Cheers, S_R
  2. No but asking your PSI to bid for a place will. :D :D :D
  3. Have you looked into joining a med regt in your local area. Most non-medical units are looking for new toms to join as unit trades, i.e. in your case Combat Engineer, etc.
    Where are you from?
  4. Nah, he's too busy arranging my two week combined Apache pilot/unit gynaecologist /SAS/SBS/Para/cmdo course. Arranging the flights to Bermuda is taking longer than normal due to the current security scare. :D
  5. Edinburgh, but the RE unit have always known that I might swap cap badges if the opportunity arises. Had always thought being attached to a non-med unit as a CMT was 'more my thing' anyway, and they say that another CMT could be handy at the unit.

    I approached the local field hospital about 8 months ago and got the blurb about clinical governance would stop me applying. As I'm now working (part-time) as an HCA, I reckon technically that could get round these new rules. Just wondering if anyone knew someone, who know someone's uncle's dog that had got round it in the same way???

    Edited due to mong spelling
  6. We have a few HCAs that have joined our unit as CMTs. Some then use this experience to take up nursing, ODP or ambulance service training.

    Unfortunately, field hospitals tend to be less field and more hospital, and unless they kick and scream CMTs usually end up being passed off as porters. Ideally, you need to get yourself to a TA GS med regt.

    In the GS units ou'll find that you do more field based work and get some pretty good attachments. A few of our lads have been away and been attached to 1SG and 1 Staffs as CAP/RAP medics. I think that your nearest is up near Preston way.
  7. Your local infantry unit will probably take you on as a CMT- if there is the space available. I know that we are still putting people through the courses.

    Get up to CMT 3, BATLS and BARTS etc, then transfer over to wherever you want to go. You will probably be readily accepted anywhere with the proper quals.

    Good luck!