No doubt this has been posted numerous times (i have searched but to no avail) but what can i expect on my CMSR?

I am aware there will be a tab- but how far & with what weight?

All constructive feedback please!
Thanks for the reply. I had a butchers but nothin specific on the training over the two weeks... not to worry, will wait out & see if i can find anythin elsewhere
Try searching for "part 1C" or similar as often thats what its referred to in many threads...although will admit that I can't find any off top my head.

on the subject of Tabs though, last year mine was 15Kg, 4 miles in one hour, someon else can probably say if its changed or not since. We had a couple of 'build up' Tabs during the two weeks before the actual thing. Main advice I'd give is check that your bergun, webbing and boots are all comfy before you go. I.e. if your short like me and need a short back bergen then beg borrow or steal one as it will make a huge difference.

If you know where your going for it then say and you might get some better more specific feedback.
Thanks for the replies guys.

I've heard thru various grapevines the tab is 6 miles or so... nightmare for me cos i'm so small and mostly concerned about the weight :eek:s
When i did my CMSR it was all based round MATTs. If you sign on to armynet you can download pdf files of all 6 MATTs. It will give you a better idea of what to expect. You will build up to the CFT during the 2 weeks 6 miles isnt hard.

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