Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by al_5780, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. if you wish to know what the story is about this course then give me
    a shout the kit list is naff on your JI's so read MSR's links
    so wanna know if we bug you out, if we trash your locker/kit
    how does the BPFA break the numbers down
    any questions then just give me a shout
  2. Why don't you write a wiki page on it? That way, it'll stop you getting hundreds of bone PMs and MSR will probably add it to the FAQs in the TA thread :wink:
  3. Already done 8) . Based it on unclas info off ATRA TA Site, the documents are a bit dated (last updated 28 Feb 2003) but then so is the rest of the army.
  4. although it is all in black a white i am willing to give you more rumours
  5. who needs rumours
  6. Well you are on the British Army Rumour Service...