TA Cloud Punching and FAS

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Dec 31, 2004.

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  1. Just Read this

    "reduce the High Velocity Missile capability from 156 to 84 fire units, by reducing the size of Regular batteries and deleting the roles of two TA regiments. These latter regiments will be re-roled, although plans for re-balancing are still being finalised."

    Anyone know who and what are they re-roling as ??? I think 105 regt is but who is the other ?
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Must be 106, hopefully 269 will get guns back
  3. Thought 269 had Rapier?
  4. TA RA will have (apparently):

    3x War Reserve Field Regiments, equipped with 105mm and AS-90 (100, 103 and 105). One supporting each light gun regiment, and also providing individual reinforcements to AS-90 regiments.
    3x GBAD Regiments, equipped with HVM, Rapier, MLRS(?) and drones (101, 104 and 106). These are general personel reserves. I don't know how this will work. I assume different btys will have different major equipments.
    Honourable Artillery Company (Subordinate to 5 RA, ISTAR)
  5. 104 regt are reroling to uav and rlc, well that was the rumour before christmas.
  6. 103 were Javelin but rerolled on Light Guns a few years ago because it was 'too expensive' to re-equip 3 TA AD Regts.
  7. It was great fun it was too. Especially when they won the Queen's Cup!
  8. 8O By Drone I take it you mean UAV (Phoenix or something similar)

    Typical, f**king typical, ran a way from a UAV unit, thought about getting back into it all again and by local unit goes to frigging UAV's , wide berth I feel
  9. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Drone....................... *mumble, mumble*....................... bloody oldies. :wink:
  10. So that's it then? 105 are rerolling onto big gun things?
  11. Nothing has been finalised!! The only thing we know for definite regarding TA FAS is that 104 and 105 Regts will lose their HVM. The entire TA piece of FAS is 'work in progress'.

    For interest, and completeness sake, here is where we are going with the Regular side of the Royal Regiment:

    Close Support:

    5 x AS90 Regts (1 RHA, 3 RHA, 4 Regt RA, 19 Regt RA, 26 Regt RA) each comprising 1 x HQ Bty, including the FR Tac Gp; and 3 x AS90 Btys.

    7 Para RHA comprising 1 x HQ Bty, including the Lt Avn Tac Gp and the 4th Lt Role Tac Gp; and 3 x Lt Gun Btys.

    29 Cdo Regt RA, comprising 1 x HQ Bty, 3 x Lt Gun Btys and 1 x NGFO Bty.

    40 Regt RA, comprising 1 x HQ Bty, and 3 x Lt Gun Btys. The Regt will retain 129 Bty Tac Gp for the near future.


    12 and 47 Regts RA, comprising 1 x HQ Bty and 3 x HVM Btys apiece. In addition, 47 Regt will lose 43 AD Bty RA in due course.

    16 Regt RA, comprising 1 x HQ Bty, including the RAP Tp; and 4 x Rapier Btys.

    General Support:

    5 Regt RA, comprising 1 x HQ Bty, including 4.73 Bty RA, and 3 x STA Btys. Each STA Bty will include a COBRA/MAMBA Tp and a SRG (ASP) Tp. In addition, the 3rd STA Bty holds an extra MAMBA section authorised against 29 Cdo Regt RA.

    32 Regt RA, comprising 1 x HQ Bty, and 4 x UAV Btys. The Regt will re-role from Phoenix to Watchkeeper as this new capability comes online.

    39 Regt RA, comprising 1 x HQ Bty, and 4 x Rkt Btys. 2 x Btys will be re-equipped with LIMAWS(R) once introduced.

    Any questions, please feel free to PM.
  12. What happened to MLRS?
  13. Unless they have some other rocket system we don't know about...?

  14. You are taking the pi55 8O

    So that excess of 650 million quid well spent then :roll:
  15. Only one regular MLRS regiment now (39), 32 lost theirs back in summer ISTR.