TA Class 1 sigs prerequisites

Hi all,

Could someone tell me what the prerequisites are for the sigs class 1 tech course i.e. Rank, time served,
Also how many courses there are a year and any other useful info.

(Oh and I’m in a ptarmigan unit if that matters)


Check your PM's for a link to the breakdown of the Scaley training cycle.

But, as a guide, to gain your class two (as in completing the in-house book, NVQ stylee) is done at the Unit's descretion. I'm still waiting for my class two book so I can crack on but I know some "Uhd's" who have almost completed theirs already. Some Units prefer you to wait the 12 months to gain sufficiant experience points.

Class one is then done outside of the unit on a (I believe) two week Trade Camp??

Hope this helps?
thank you for your speedy reply, the link is pritty useful, i think i need to hunt down a PDR :)

i did a two week course to gain my class 2 i do not know anything about this workbook thingy, but as class 2 is in house i guess my unit does it a differant way

thanks I_G

Get the TDT CD, it will tell you what to revise (I mean that).

When you've done the course write a letter of complaint, its your duty to do this. You'll understand why when you've done the course (its not wrong to spend the entire course getting drunk - coz the course is pants - not the instructors fault)
polar69 said:
Have you seen one yet ?? :D
Try to get on your psao 'TANET' machine, then use this url www.blandford.army.r.mil.uk on the right hand side their is a DCCIS portal, browse to this site and it will contain a list of all course dates.

Note its only just been moved and the course list isn't working at the moment (otherwise I would have told you the dates)
I was going to say a brain - then I nticed that you are Royal Signals - not REAL Signals! 8)
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