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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GwaarSoldier, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone out there heard of a TA PTI apply to become a class 1 with the APTC?if so, what's the pass-rate like (TA or Regs?)
  2. I suggest you ring up ASPT at Fox and speak to the courses clerk or PM Stabtastico or evilone who seem a bit more ITK than most on this topic (like myself!)

    Have a search on this forum as well the topic has been discussed a few times.
  3. Just a quick one on this.

    I had a memo for course criteria and if memory serves me correct you have to have completed class2 and attend 2 or 3 module w/ends prior to attending course. You have to do 8 mile CFT with 25kg, BPFA = 9.30 run, 60 press ups and 60 sit ups and I think another MST.

    Courses were/are due to start in 2007 to give time to pass class 2 and class 1 mainly consists of running competitions at Bde level, health and safety advisor to Co on Physical Training matters etc etc etc its all the boring management stuff and hardly any fizz. Oh and I believe you can then apply to go PT Corps (V) if your any good which I would think then fast tracks you to Sgt.

    Personaly I would be careful with this class 1 APTC appointment, I think you will get jiffed left right and centre from every unit in your Bde and if any biffer gets hurt the buck stops with you. Just my two cents worth.

    If I find the memo I'll correct or confirm any of the above.
  4. Isn't the slot Bde/unit Gym Queen. Plus you can transfer to APTC proper
  5. Think the role becomes titled QMSI (V) (which translated means-buck stops with you). You advise all unts in your Bde AOR on anything to do with physical training from Adv Trg to getting biffs fit to risk assessments to advising class 2 and 3's etc.
  6. I have heard they are going to create a PT Corps (V) The only cap badge not represented by the TA I believe.