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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by roverkill, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Ive just completed a 6 month tour of afganistan i was a member of a barma team and was out with my vallon every day and during the later part of my tour did a horn course and used horn. Before going to chilwell i had no knowledge of Vallon barma or even ecm now im going back to my TA unit and id like to build on the knowledge and experience ive gained. Could anybody tell me wether their are any appropriate courses i could do or would i have to transfer to a speacialist TA unit?
  2. The is such a course to qualify people to teach it for MATTS.

    The merlin centre at Strensall run a course, is that any good to you ?
  3. In my experience CIED courses are populated by future bahma walts whose one and only terrifying encounter with an IED will be on power point in the training wing.

    Get on the course or be prepared to get told exactly what it's like in theatre by someone who's never been.

    *hyperventilates wildly*
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  4. That is one of the reasons for doing a course having done this for 6 months i havent got the patience to be lectured by someone whos never done the job. I also want to teach this so people know what they are getting into when they put themselves forward for mobilisation.
    Thanks polar.
  5. CIED Asst Instructors course is what you need, we run them quite often at Chilwell but I think most regional places run them.
  6. If there is one good thing to come out of recent ops it will be experience young instructors, perfect opportunity to clear out the drains as it were.
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  7. I'e just done the Assistant C-IED Instructor course ( awaits usual bleating).

    There is a good deal more than Vallon and BARMA / KALA taught. Get on the course ( assuming you're DIT qual'd) and the combination of the course tick and your recent experience will make you very useful as an SME to your unit.
  8. Thus I refer you to my last
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  9. Hence my last; 6 minutes.

    Any idea of the make up of my course?

    Thought not.

  10. Let's not argue the point.

    I've been.

    You haven't.

    Ref my last...
  11. I was right then.

  12. Hmm yes. I saw something funny once starring BB.


    Yes. I laugh.

  13. I rest my case
  14. But you still want to be taught, and be qualified to teach, and in a stab unit?

    Just because you have done the job for a limited time (yes 6 months I know you have told us) doesnt make you be all and end all.

    Who aint been there!
    There are courses, just get yourself on it. and work your way up, like everyone else would.