Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by copper_knobblet, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. I'm hoping to transfer to an infantry regiment at some point this year.

    I've done recruits course in my present unit and I'll have to do CIC I gather.

    No problems there but I want to be prepared. What do you actually do on CIC - can someone provide me with a breakdown? How much time is in the field, do much shooting? Is the "official" fitness level still TA BCFT or are you expected to do Reg BCFT and ACFT I and II? Just so I know roughly what to expect if I do pull this off.

  2. I was under the impression everyone did the same training and it was only after the gap phase you did do anything different.

    It seems a waste of time to redo the same training you've already done.
  3. polar- In the TA infantry you have to complete the Combat Infantrymans Course, I think they still do it at ITC Catterick.

    It sounds like copper is transferring from a support arm, so I'm pretty sure he would have to go through the infantry training
  4. Have gone the other way (left inf at SDR) and from what I've seen the training objectives appear to be the same.
    I may have my wires crossed : CIC isn't a second recruits course is it. Siggies at my place do 4 weekends, 2 week recruits and then several days on gap training (inc NBC and ranges).
  5. Inf recruits do 7/8 weekends (phase 1) then 2 weeks CiC in Catterick.
    Fitness levels are TACFT and BPFA. Covering rough ground with normal CEFO, etc.

    First week is intro with at least one night out, second week is ex phase with 4(ish) nights.

    You will also do an APWT. The rest of the time is shared between classroom lessons, BL's and BE's. Very little NBC although expect some. WHT on arrival.
  6. Cheers for that. Yeah support arm to infantry hopefully!

    Some questions:

    Whats BLs and BEs? And when you say BPFA do you mean a proper BPFA or the faggot under 14:30 they had at Pirbright when I did my CMSR? Obviously I should be able to do the proper times etc but I'm curious.
  7. Battle Exercises - ranging from a couple of hours to a day or so.
    Battle Lessons - usually EDIP principle or walk thru/talk thru.

    Not a PTi but as I understand it: push ups, sit ups, bleep test, 1.5miles in 10.30mins. Fairly standard stuff.

    If you prep using the CFT, 1.5mile runs in 10.30, and some load carrying it should be a piece of urine.
  8. CIC (at ITC Catterick) is equivalent to a trade course, even though it does share some common ground with other recruits courses.

    BPFA targets (male, less than 30 years old) are:

    1.5mile Run: 10 min 30 (it's down and up a fairly steep hill ISTR)
    Sit-ups: 50 in 2 mins
    Press-ups: 44 in 2 mins

    CFT is prettymuch the last thing you do, after you come back in from the EX.

    Essentially it breaks down that week 1 is mostly shooting, with lessons as background activity and week 2 is the 4 day exercise. I understand the bayonet fighting lessons are sheer madness.
  9. I thought it had to be over even (ish) ground, but as quoted previously"Im not a PTI so I dont give a fcuk" :lol:
  10. It is (or did) start just out the back gate, run into Vimy and down towards the Queens Road, turn round and back up to the sports hall when the Press ups and Sit ups are done.

    I thought as long as there's the same amount of up as well as down that's okay. Certainly I remember an old units seniors complaining when a CFT went over a hill, but since they went down the hill on the other side it was perfectly acceptable.

    Then again, I'm not a PTI either.
  11. yeah the bft goes passed the officers mess and that pond, then up a nice hill to finish at the gym :)

    it shouldnt really matter if its up or down hill really, you should aim to run at a constant pace. (but then again I'M not a pti either)
  12. http://www.army.mod.uk/51bde/rtc/phase_one_training_wing/
    This appears to be the same for all recruits except for TAFS Part 2 (which I know my unit doesn't do).

    Wish my unit was in this brigades area, this Phase 1 Training Wing would be ideal in getting recruits thro the system.

  13. 2 questions

    Is there no BFT at all anymore ? That is the squaddied 1.5 mile first

    second what are the times for the oldies, post 30 (also does number of pressups etc change ?)


    Old Skool BFT Wallah didn't do any of this new fangled stuff
  14. All true - expecially the part about the bayonets, although I believe it is 40 not 50 press ups.

    You can't get out of doing TA CIC, regardless of how long you have been in a corps unit. I transferred into my TA inf unit in Portsmouth from the RA in Southampton and despite having already been 'in' for 18 months, and having done a brief stint in the RM I still had to go (although to be completely truthful - it was rather easy). If you are a well functioning and competant soldier in your current unit and can happily hold your own in the field, then you will be at a real head start at the TA CIC. Just dont pipe up with any "ive never done this before" or "we used to do it this way" in front of the instructors. The lads will appreciate any help or advice you may have to offer, but dont pretend you're cock o the walk.

    Oh and in case anyone bulls you about "you can only wear non-purchased issue kit at Catterick", it is total nonsense. I went through my entire course in a windproof smock, Lowa boots, ripstop trousers, buffalo shirt, softy sleeping bag and a completely customised set of webbing and para helmet and not one of the instructors gave me the slightest bit of grief.