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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by theheartbreakkid, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Morning all,

    I have just completed the above course at ITC Catterick, and as it seems to have been changed somewhat since much of the posts on here were updated, I thought I would offer some tips/advice on the course. So, if you have any questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them! Below are some handy items to take for starters:

    Buy an ortileb/ bag for the main section of your bergan
    Plenty of large sealable bags for individually waterproofing clothing on exercise (the NCOs are very hot on this)
    3/4 padlocks
    Flip flops
    Extra t shirts, socks and pants
    An extra set of combat trousers
    Savlon for chafage
    Barrier cream (your hands will be knackered!)
    A green softie (the fleece takes up way too much room in the bergan, and isn’t as good as a softie)
    Knee pads (everyone’s knees were knackered; you will understand why when you’re there!) These will be a great investment
    A thin pair of gloves (Catterick is cold but you can’t operate your weapon with the leather ones!)
    Extra bungees and tent pegs (dark in colour as it is all tactical)
    A head torch (doesn’t have to be red light) although you can’t use these very often, they are handy when you can
    Plenty of strong ibuprofen
    Wet wipes (small packets)
    A decent organised washbag (small lunchboxes are also good) including small shave gel, razor with spare blades, toothbrush and small toothpaste, small towel, and a small mirror)
  2. no Porn ???

    what about booze ?
  3. A load of NON ISSUE KIT! Whatever next?
  4. no mention of beer tokens or drinking kit
  5. Yes you can take porn, however, finding time for a decent thrap is another matter! It is a booze-free course unfortunately, so you would have to abstain for 2 weeks!

    Regarding the non-issue kit, not a massive surprise I know. However, this is of course a recurring theme in the military, especially with the TA. Some guys only had 2 pairs of socks issued, and one guy even didn't have a bivvy bag issued to him! (Or so he claimed!)
  6. I know it's been said, but a shed load of extra trousers, socks and T-shirts goes a long way. Furthermore if you can acquire a extra smock through the system it helps a lot.
  7. I remember doing mine. If anyone remembers, I was the one having to wear the OG poncho whilst on Ex.
  8. To add - Bring a big bucket full of a sense of humour. This is as important as the boots you wear!

    Also, STICK AT IT. It sounds simple, but I can safely say about 80% of the failures/RTUs when I did CIC were guys jacking it in.
    You will be smashed into the ground on the first Sunday (Or whenever it is you will do bayonet fighting) and if your section commander decides to take you for some extra tabbing time, just take it on the chin and at no point let them break you - It's basically what they try to do for the first couple of days, and I can see the logic in that.

    Other than that, cherish and enjoy the training you are given and the chance to put it into good practice.
    You'll feel great on the coach home, though...
  9. 100% correct. Totally agree...

  10. thanks for the handy bits of info / advice guys,, im on the next course so will try and add any helpful info i can if (WHEN!) i pass out. cheers.
  11. I was on the Para CIC before crimbo, we were allowed to use electric razors, stoves/jetboils if we had them. Zinc oxide if you have shite feet, hand cream/witch hazel as has been mentioned your hands will be fucked and chapped to buggery. Also gaiters if you been issued mine were a god send. At least half a dozen pairs of good socks.
  12. just passed the course and was hoping to add to the info/advice already mentioned in previous posts but the advice in them is spot on and i cant really think of anything to add that would be of help to future candidates. what i will say though, is that im more than happy to answer any queries or questions that anybody would like to pose.
  13. How did you find the course fella
  14. Just turned up at catterick and there it was.
  15. I found the course as i expected it to be as far as the very long days were, the stricter/more verbal N.C.Os (compared to r.t.c?) and the quite physically demanding parts of the course.
    from a personal point of view I was prepared mentally and physically for the course which made it more enjoyable (a few guys were treating it like a chore and counting days down etc etc which couldn't have made it a very good experience i.m.o!) the only downside for me was the fact i never got round to sorting out the blisters i always get during tabbing/patrolling with issue boots, i went down thinking i could just strap them up and get on with it but for the last few days i ended up limping everywhere and ended up with blisters on top of blisters, i still dont know how i managed that last 6 miler! anyways that was bad personal admin i know but had i sorted it before i went down it would have been a better experience for me.