Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Yes, no problem

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  2. Yes with more training

  3. I haven't passed a 4 mile one for last year yet

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  4. I don't know but I'll give it a damn good try

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  1. Just returned from a MATTS weekend

    First time I've done a 6 mile CFT and it gave me no great dramas

    In fact less than a handful dropped out

    Question is if you can do 4 and 6 do you think you can do 8 ?

    Edit to add - Mods there was another option on here but I can't see it, is there a limit to the number of options in a poll ?
  2. It disturbs me, just a little bit, that you don't know that you can carry 25kgs for more than 6 miles...
  3. Some of our knackers (including rather senior ones from what I hear) can't manage 15Kgs for more than about 2 miles.

    As an aside. I can do the 8 Miler with my eyes closed and would love the challenge of doing it with 25Kgs (infact I might carry that much next time just for shits and giggles).
  4. It really suprises me that people can't do this.
    I'm a right fat cunt and find the PFT hard work. The CFT is easy it's only 6 miles even a really unfit person should be able to dig deep and just keep going
  5. Our PTIs just check the min weight, if you want to carry more "crack on Sir!" to quote them.
  6. 8 mile cft has been around for years , Take Sect comp. Tab around the world ALL day , thats way more than 8 mile ! When we stopped doing the full 8 mile cft , a few years back , was that a god send ! Going back to it is like was quoted before , dig deep and just Tab on , think of all that lovelly Bounty !!
  7. I've done two six mile CFTs in the last couple of months, and the general feeling at the end was that the only problem was boredom. Many of us actually said that we would have been happy to go the extra couple of miles just to say that we had done it.
  8. We used to do 8 miles, around North Luffenham was the last one I did, I think.
    I was a biff then, and having been out a while am an even bigger biff, but could still do an 8 mile CFT.

    Of course when I was a Rock Ape we used to do 10 miles :twisted:
  9. From what I hear, it's not the CFT that you have to worry about!
  10. my recolection is that this really senior bloke got on the jack waggon at the 4 mile point this is after the badgeman had said to everyone on the CFT that if you dropped back from the main squad more than 50 meters more than 3 time your kit and weapon went into the biff wagon but you carried on but recived a big fat freddy fail and would not be signed off for your bounty :D untill you had passed one
  11. we only have to do 15kg or so. im training for my ptis course next year and decided to do the full 25. i was given a right hard time for it from the reg staff (not the pti)

    i think if you want to do more than its up to you - if i had failed however it would have been my problem.
  12. My new unit are only tasked for 15 Kg which is a piece of p*ss.

    Not sure if they'll let me do it at all though, as I'm over 50.
  13. Can anyone tell me when all these different versions of the CFT started appearing?

    I was labouring under the (evident) misapprehension that there was only one CFT per se and that was an 8 miler with weight and a rifle n'stuff and then usually some notional balls at the end of it (whether that was climbing into a 4 tonner or an assault course seemed to depend on which side of the bed the squadron leader and PTI had used that morning).
  14. Squadron leader? Notional balls? In bed with the PTI? Is this a wah?
  15. Thats not a Wah,

    Jungle drums say that the PFT will change to 1.5 miles in CFT syle kit in 15 minutes, with a set of military tasks at the end.

    Its to prove that you can be fit, and then do your job after.