TA CFT - 4 or 6?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by supersonic, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. I've searched and found some chat about this here and there, but can't find a definitive answer... I know the MATT 2 documentation talks of an 'aspiration' to make the TA CFT 6 miles, but can someone categorically tell me whether currently the CFT is 4 miles or 6? Yeah, I know 6 shouldn't be a problem blah, blah, blah, but I just want to know the facts...
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Been told this trg years CFT is 6 miles and a must pass and 7/8 trg year it will be 8 miles looks like a bit of confusion as to what the CFT is for the Trg year
  4. I recently done recruit selction and was told as at now it's still 4 miles but that it will go up to 6 soon and eventually 8
  5. Yeah would like to know .As doing 4 miles and then being told we have to do another two would be a bit of a sickner .Remeber once having to do 10 miles back in the day of the 8miler as the boss got lost :) but the worst was cft by gps "right thats it stop" looks at gps
    "oh we have a bit more to go" right thats it stop" looks at gps "better do a bit more just to be sure "
    Sense of humour failure all round .
    What ever the distance they are will always hate them am fit enough to pass them now but have failed them before so will always have a sense of dread about them .Just tell me how far i have to go and and i will do it .Tell me its for 4miles and then say its six or eight I wont think much of you .
  6. This weekend I was told we would be doing 4 with an "option" to carry on to 6

    "Those wanting promotion 2 paces forwaaaaaaaaaaaaaard"

    Mind you this was the same weekend where we were "fed" 24h rat packs in barracks
  7. 4 this year, 6 in 2007 and nobodys told me anything else
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Hmmm, funny old thing...I was looking at MATT 2 yesterday and came across a line which said that TA's who are mobilised must pass the Regular CFT....I'll re-read that bit and post the text here just to make sure...suspect I may have got the wrong end of the stick.

    Le Chevre
  9. the cft at the momnet is 4 miles at least when done at catterick it is had guys just back

    it is gradualy increasing to six through the course of this year and will be definitivly 6 by 2007

    if u look at training program in your tac you will notice an increase in pt

    and cft training this is to accomodate the increase in fitness levels required for the introduction of the matts system

    we should in theory be fit enought to do a 6 mile cft by end of 2006 begining of 2007

    what i was wondering about was the rumour that through time it will eventualy be increased to 8 to be in line with the regulars

  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I understand that it will be increased to 8 over 2 years. No great shakes, just one extra hour of boredom per year!
  11. Clear as mud then eh?
  12. yeah pretty much

    nothing is ever clear or straight forward in the army you should no that
    on the bus off the bus
    hurry up and wait comes to mind

    most important thing for now it 4 miles until told otherwise by someone higher than us
    i just do what im told
    ask no questions
  13. My sentiments exactly!

    It should not be a drama to any self-respecting individual to manage to train to meet a mile a year increase in distance relative to the time alloted. You should, within reason and role, be able to do more than is required anyway.

    Get the roadslappers on, get out and run and X months later present a worn out pair for exchange!
  14. I was at a PTI conference a couple of months ago and I posted the details on another thread
    (CFT post)

    Most of the points were already mentioned 6 miler 2007, 8 miler 2008 etc.

    Personaly think that as TA/reservists, we should be able to pass the regular tests as if we want them to respect us as equals on OPs, we should be atleast the same basic standard of fitness.

    Also as a PTI at a RTC I have had no direction as to changes in CFT distances or BPFA/PFT changes as of yet or when they are due to change (would have thought we would be the first to know/change).

    StP - remember and bring you tabbing boots for next weekend :lol:

  15. So what is the time for 6 miles? 1:30??