TA certificate of service?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by simonx, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, I have done regular and TA service, but the question is when you leave the TA do you get a certificate of service, as I was in the TA for at least 5 years and didn’t receive any certificate since leaving, in fact I wouldn’t be able to prove I was in, or what my service was judged as. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You would have your service number though!
    In fact you can write to Glasgow and request your service records under the freedom of information act!
    I did and it had all of my reg and TA course reports for what they are worth!
    Made for some entertaining reading though!
  3. Yes you do get a certificate of service, eventually (like everything else!) In my old unit the certificates were being sent out up to a year after people had left. Now with more pressing issues, it may be a bit longer!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Now you mention it I did receive one for my red book, I think I wiped up some dog doo with it!
  5. Hi, Thanks for all of your replies on this issue so far, I know that there are more pressing issues now for units, however I have another though on this. As I wasn’t in the last unit very long due to being away with work and attending a Uni course, could it be that they don’t have anything to write about me?
  6. You should get a discharge certificate. You can't get a duplicate.
  7. If you left the TA before JPA you should have received a Cert of Service & Cert of Discharge direct from Glasgow. If you left since whoever has the Career Manager function and actions "Terminations" should produce these certificates when "Terminating" you!


    Edited to add - the "terminator" should be located at your Unit, either your RAWO, ROSO or Adjt
  8. Depending on when you left you will probably have to wait a while. I have been trying to prove that I have passed RCB for eight months via Glasgow/JPA et al, including SPVA or whatever its called, whom I have written to twice. Eventually I had to ring the Principal DSFC who was on my RCB and get oral and then written confirmation before I could sort a group B commission.

    I honestly believe you would get more joy asking the animals at West mids safari park.
  9. Hi, again thanks all for your help, anyone have a email address for Glasgow, as I've looked on the MOD website and can't find one...I suppose I could write...cheers
  10. msr

    msr LE

    TA Regs to the rescue:

    Eligibility for Efficiency Medal on Discharge
    5.216. Before a soldier of the TA is finally discharged his commanding officer is to ascertain whether he is eligible for the Volunteer Reserves Service Medal (see para 3.241 and Annex C/3). If so and he is prepared to recommend him for the award, he is to inform the soldier and submit an application on F Hons 1009. If the soldier is otherwise eligible but is not recommended by his commanding officer for the award, a certificate to that effect is to be forwarded to the officer in charge of manning and records concerned for retention with the original attestation.

    Valedictory Letter
    5.216A. Any soldier who is discharged having completed 6 years unbroken voluntary service in the TA is, subject to his commanding officer ’ s recommendation, eligible for a valedictory letter signed by the Adjutant General. Before a soldier is finally discharged from the TA, his commanding officer is to ascertain whether he is eligible for a valedictory letter. If so, and if he is prepared to recommend the soldier for a valedictory letter, he is to inform the soldier, complete the proforma at Annex I/5 and forward it to the TA & Res MCM Div. If the soldier is otherwise eligible but is not recommended by his commanding officer, the Certificate at Annex I/5 is to be endorsed accordingly and despatched to the officer in charge of TA & Res MCM Div for retention with the soldier ’ s original attestation.

    Discharge Certificates
    5.217. Subject to para 5.219 each soldier on discharge is to be furnished with a discharge certificate (AF B108D) by the officer in charge of TA & Res MCM Div through TA/CVHQ or the unit. In the case of a soldier who has not handed over his arms, clothing and equipment, the unit or TA/CVHQ may retain the certificate pending their return, for a period not exceeding 14 days, but this procedure is not to affect that date of discharge. No such certificate, however, will be necessary when a soldier is appointed to a commission in the TA while serving in the ranks of this force.
  11. Msr - your post does not take JPA into account - these certificates should now be issued by the unit career manager when "terminating" soldiers - I should know as I am a "Terminator"!!

  12. msr

    msr LE

    Don't blame me - blame TA Regs! :)
  13. I wasn't blaming anyone just letting you know the current state of play - why so defensive??

  14. What discharge chitty , all i got was a letter to say i had not handed my kit in , two month after i done so and left , then month and a half+ after that i went back for something, to find they had lost my discharge paper work .
    So no discharge chitty .
    Have sick chitty , excused wearing stanley shorts