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I left the TA in 2008, after six years, during which I stayed in the Union Jack Club quite a few times. I now want to apply for membership as ex TA are eligble but according to the application form I need to provide a certificate of service, with information such as dates of service and conduct.

There are contact details on the form for the Disclosures Centre at APC Glasgow but I'm wondering if I should have received some sort of certificate or paperwork when I left (of my own accord). I'm not familiar with the regular army discharge procedures but believe there is something called a red book?

I'm not looking for some big certificate to hang on the wall to say 'look at me', I'm just wondering if I really should have received something on discharge or whether anyone else has applied for some kind of discharge / service / conduct evidence for TA service from Glasgow.
Yes you should have received a certificate of service when you were discharged. Only Regulars received the Red Book (AFB108 IIRC) but as a TA soldier you should have got a couple of sheets of paper with your dates of service and a list of courses you did etc. If you contact the RAWO at your old unit they may be able to reproduce a copy, though this is a long shot. Best you write to Disclosures at APC:

MS Disclosures
MP 520
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX

Something along the lines of this:

I am writing in order to request that a copy of my discharge certificate and AFB 200 containing my trade qualifications be sent to the following address as I am re-joining the Army as a TA Soldier and wasn't issued a certificate of discharge from my previous unit.

If there are any issues please contact the AO at my new unit on [insert phone number], I consent to my new unit having full access to my records.

[Prior Service Number] [Rank] [Name]

You should do this ASAP as it will delay your application to join the TA (ideally copy the letter to your new unit as well so they know you are being pro-active and not wasting their time).
He's not re-joining the TA...
Thanks for the info.

I'm not rejoning though, merely applying for membership of the Union Jack Club in London and require evidence of discharge and conduct etc. However, you have confirmed that I should have received something and that it maybe best to contact APC Glasgow.

MSR - I think we were typing a reply at the same time there!
..fair enough but he can still get a reproduction of his Certificate of Service from disclosures in order to join the Union Jack Club and anyone who is trying to rejoin now knows how to get a replacement as well.
What's the Union Jack club like these days? I haven't been there since the early 80's, hope it's improved a bit?
What's the Union Jack club like these days? I haven't been there since the early 80's, hope it's improved a bit?
Quite smart the last time I was there in April 2008. Have used both the single rooms (had a fantastic view of the south bank) and the double ensuite rooms. Food was OK but not fantastic but it's not like there aren't plenty of options nearby.
Try the Victory Services Club at Marble Arch. Serving and ex-serving only. Costs about £20 to be a member (not bad for a "London club") and basic rooms can be had from £23 per night.

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