TA Centre Permanent Staff Options?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StevieH, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Does each TA unit have permanent staff? What rank are they? What are the roles throughout the week/weekends?


  2. Their main role is to ensure that the badminton equipment is used regularly.

    Some of them have something to do with booking courses and arranging interesting training, but don't get your hopes up.
  3. Im a reg, just been told about the possibility of going to a TA Centre as an instructor, I have never heard of it, and I cannot see it being that active a posting, apart from weekends, and evenings.
  4. Some are not interested in the TA and see it as a cushy couple of years. Others put in a lot of effort to create interesting training and can make a difference. However don't be put off, if you plan the best Trg W/E ever only to find a handful of people turn up.

    Good luck
  5. I know nothing of how they work in the TAC's so I would be guessing, but they operate like a training wing does at a Reg Unit?
    Booking courses and organising training?

  6. Pretty much, have fun wherever you're going. Just bear in mind the TA is a very different kettle of fish. For starters they will question your instructions and demand justification for them!
  7. A good PSI is worth his weight in gold.

    You’d be your TA unit’s link to the regular army and responsible for ensuring your units training was up to regular standards.
    To put that another way, you’d be responsible for ensuring your TA soldiers are good enough to serve alongside their regular counterparts on ops.
  8. Thanks, seems like its as good as I make it. How many Instructors are there on average?
  9. Alittle bit like that it depends on the unit my coy only uses the TA to instruct so that the guys can get experience of that plus it means they have to read up on their subject, which aids their development. But this is led by the OC empowering the Pl Comd to get in amongst the blokes and organise the training usually up to 3 months in advance. Other coys though in Bn are jelous as the PSI and SPSI are dicked to teach

    They are alos your link to whats going on in Bn at the higher level and hold many gems of info that you might not normally get from the CoC

    Bruce W sums it up quite aptly

  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. Our unit has a number of permanent staff, but most are for running the centre that is the home for quite a few units

    The main bods, which is what you are looking at doing, are 2 guys a WO2 SPSI and a Sgt PSI, they work everyday and 2 weekends a month, however they often take days in lieu if working the w/e, bit not always.

    As stated its what you make of it, work your nuts off and you will see the benefit on drill nights and w/e, sit on your arrse and all you will see is your belly expanding, Our current pair are golden, well the SPSI is, the PSI hasn't been with us long so jury is out but he seems a good egg. I pop into the TAC during the day quite regularly and they are always working on something, and its not always stuck in an office booking courses or sorting kit, they are often out doing recces of ex areas, ranges and the like.

    I'm not a PSI but work with them a lot and the thing I have noticed is you have a hell of a lot more freedom to do things as its essentially the 2 of you, so any training ideas, including adventure training and trips, you have thought would benefit your unit, you can implement, yes the unit is the OCs train-set, but you get a greater say on playtime. If I was still in the regs I would jump at the chance of doing it, also no tours for 2 years in case you're (or the missus is) a bit sick of sand

    The only real pain is morons who think you do feck all outside TA time and OCs with a dislike of ARABs
  12. msr

    msr LE

    And add whatever you see fit to the list ;)

  13. Thats about sums up my 2. The only difference is my last PSI ended up on tour with a Pl that went out to AFgan last year and my previous SPSI was on tour with us to Iraq in 2005, and we arent the only unit that have used our permentant staff this way