TA Centre opening in Trowbridge RWxY

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by marabout, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. B (Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry) Squadron, The Royal Wessex Yeomanry are currently in the process of raising a Troop in the town of TROWBRIDGE. The RWxY is a TA Royal Armoured Corps Regiment, and currently has the role of individual reinforcements to armoured regiments, either Challenger 2 or other platforms, be it Warthog, Mastiff, Jackal, CVRT or anything else the RAC use on operations.

    The Squadron is currently located at Old Sarum, SALISBURY, and is planning on expanding in conjunction with the current army plans of having 30000 phase 2 trained TA officers and soldiers. Therefore, B Sqn needs to expand into where the population is located and is setting up an outstation, bringing 30 new part time jobs to the area, rising to 40 by the end of next year.

    If you can give up to 27 days per year, for good rates of pay and a large tax free bounty if you meet your training commitments, if you are looking for something more out of life and fun, enjoyable and relevant training and are between 17.5 and 43 years of age, male or female then come along.

    There are opportunities for new recruits as well as ex regulars and serving TA personnel. If you are interested in joining, please either PM me or get in contact with the Permanent Staff Admin Officer. For further details, please see the regimental website

    Royal Wessex Yeomanry - British Army Website
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    When did the old TAC close down?
  3. I think it must have been under the last round of cuts in 2002 or there abouts.
  4. I'd expect a lot of TA centres to 'reopen'. Fortunately many of them were kept open by the ACF/ATC and even SCC.

    There is a Aviatiion mob moving in to a ACF Drill hall nee TAC near my Bro.
  5. I was posted to the WIltshire yeomanry, Swindon, in 84-86 and they had 2 Troops at the Trowbridge TAC, many happy memories of those guys and they were a cracking bunch.

  6. Hmmm...I see a potential A sqn (RY) vs. B Sqn (RWxY) Wiltshire Yeomanry territorial face-off approaching! When the Trowbridge TA centre was closed, I believe most of those troops were transferred to Swindon...
  7. The TA Centre in Trowbridge was knocked down and built on. Where are they going to go?