TA center Middlesboro

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by andyb264, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. Any one been there recently / is actually there, i am interested in finding out a bit about it before i get my 'full time' posting there. Any proper help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. The Sigs one?

    Its in a rough area and the TAC is a tip......
  3. But its got a good bar and a nearby pie shop ,
  4. and are you on an exchange ? Center is the US variant of Centre....
  5. If you mean the Infantry, it's an old building located in a scruffy part of town. I spent many happy years there, the soldiers are excellent (rough and very funny) and the facilities are now well upto standard.
  6. You went out of the camp :?:

    The Gurkhas used to reckon borro had the cheapest prostitutes in Britain, never checked myself

    p.s. Have they finally moved that relay from the front gate
  7. Brambles Farm, 90 Sigs sqn (v)? :D

    Yep its in a rough area and Boro's claim to fame is that it has the worst record for car crime & the most registered Pedo's!
  8. They couldnt cause the local Gypo's had moved in and had claimed squatters rights in the box body :D
  9. You mean there are other sorts of parts of town in the Boro?
  10. Ah Brambles Farm! I think it was declared the most deprived ward in England back in 1995 or something.
  11. There is a posh bit, but I never found it.

    Still as one of my old Sgts said 'It takes sh+t to grow roses'
  12. Well so far i have learnt that boro is a shit hole(knew that, been there a few times) cheap whores (girl friend told me) its in a shit part of town (where isn't) Come on guys lets have some real input here. Oh yes it's for the sigs side of things by the way(my bad)
  13. You'll get Mondays off, the TA spend many of their weekends in baracks (loads of maintenance etc) - so plenty of time on the lash.

    Downside - they're equiped with bog standard Ptarmigan equipment, none of the modern stuff.
  14. Ah , back to gods trade again are we :D
  15. Try the Regt next door :!: :D :D