TA Centenary Medal

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lordmonty, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Are we going to have a TA Centenary medal?
  2. Only for those with 100 years service. :roll:
  3. Yes. The trenchdodgers want a third medal for doing fuck all.

    It was decided by commitee see.
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  4. It can go in the same box as my Queens jubbly medal and my long distinguished career medal, non of which I has , doncher know
  5. gimme, gimme, gimme! yeah as if we'd get that!
  6. Good I'm in with a chance then
  7. This is a disgrace...
    Granted, if you have completed 100 years of service, then there is no denying you have a level of dedication to service..but if you haven't attempted passed your PFT and CFT.....
    Shuffles away into corner, mumbling "in my day.... grumble grumble... bloody war-dodgers..mutter mutter... end up like the yanks moan moan..."
  8. Re- the recent replies.
    Before leaving any further replies, please ensure you have a mature outlook on life.
  9. IMHO only those TA who have actually been on operational service deserve one..... not some accountant who just does his/her minimum Tuesday after school club and puts own plimsoles on as an attempt of PFT!

    Just my opinion!
  10. I can confirm that I have a mature outlook on life.

    My mature outlook on this idea is that it is b0llocks.
  11. Mature? I'm so mature I smell of sweaty socks.

    WTF would anybody expect a medal?

    The Centenary is to do with the organisation, not the person. Something to hang on the wall might be nice, or even a badge to wear on a civvy jacket, but (IMHO) a medal would demean the idea of medals.

    This is the BRITISH Army, not the Yank one.
  12. A mature outlook on life too? Well thats all well and good, but if there's still no "pass" next to the PFT box on Matts 1-6....
  13. Re-the quote above

    Think about what you're going to type before coming onto a military forum and asking loads of bone questions (check out his 23 posts. What a load of pish).
  14. WTF Why in gods name????
    Did they give you a medal at the cheese rolling club for passing a test???

    Easy shuffles off to a corner
  15. Well if it is true it can go in a box never to be seen again, im not paying to get my medals remounted for some worthless piece of sh*t when there are far more justifiable reasons to award a medal i.e a separate medal for Helmand or at least a bar.