TA centenary - ideas for celebration here

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, May 19, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Sensible ones / discussions only please in this thread:

    Wouldn't it be good to set up a website for people who have been in the TA to post their pics and war stories (or those from their families) as part of the centenary...

  2. yep sounds like a good idea.
  3. Maybe some kind of book detailing the historyof the TA, with stories and memoires, along the lines of the Forgotten Voices book about the Falklands. That way people could have something tangible to keep, as opposed to just a website, which even in this day adn age isn't always available all the time to all the people. Lots of nice glossy pics, maybe a chapter dedicated to each unit (might have to be more than one volume!). Just a thought. Could be used to generate some money for the ABF etc.
  4. Check out the free websites where I got mine. Obviously they are easy to use...I did it.
    If you need help I am always available (unemployed)
  5. Likewise I'm willing to help if you need a website setup or coded. I'm a local authority web developer so I'll use government resources for the powers of good!
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    But the website would only work for 2 evenings and 2 weekends a month up until about 2pm on the sunday when the post exercise bar opens!
  7. Why not a parade of all TA units (National) in London to Horse Guards, where there is of course a ready made parade square. A march past Her Maj, and then off for Tea/Medals/On the Piss.

    Won't happen though.

    One Army eh?

    Edited to add "National", as it looks like I was only advocating London Units.
  8. Excellent idea......more public awareness of the TAVR and other reserve formations...
  9. Are you barking mad!?
    Have you any idea of what that would cost?
    All those troops getting to the capital, road closures, police, ticker tape, and then you expect tea? Tea!
    You Sir need to go and give yourself a good flogging forthwith.

    Lets face it chaps, we'll be lucky if we get a Happy 100th on part 1 orders.
  10. Ah shit, thats a point. The brass need their swimming pools filled in their issued residences.

    Is there any way that a lowly sprog can apply for an issue

    "Mansion, Victorian, Shagpad, for the use of, x1"

    I'm only asking for one......
  11. Stone me! Have you seen us do drill?
  12. I am in two minds about your post/idea.

    As an ex-TA soldier myself, I find your idea commendable. The public should be reminded that we sleep safe in our beds at night because of, in part, to the TA. Your parae would be a wonderful party...

    In two world wars, these men, who had volunteered before the outbreak of hostilities, were ready and waiting, and filled the gap. I know men who were mobilised in '39, went to war and did not get home untill '47...

    However the TA is just a "formation" as it were, and many Regiments have been around a great deal longer. Of the two I served with, one was formed in the 1860s and the other in the 1500s.

    One could not very well set a date, for example, for the creation of the British Army, although many historians here will choke on their gin on hearing that, although some say that if you take the union between England and Scotland as effectively creating a "Britain" that had a standing army, that is the anniversary.

    In setting anniversaries for the TA therefore how far does one go back? 100 years, for a name? Further back to the volunteer rifle corps'? Further still to the very first militias, many of which fought with distinction at Waterloo and further afield?

    I do see what you mean though, and the public should be continually reminded of previous sacrifices, but if you do it for the TA, then you have to for the Regular Army, CrabAir, the Royal Navy, RNVR, RMVR....

    There is always Rememberance Day. And after the remembering, that's usually a good party too!
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Besides the parade would only have 3 seniors and 1 soldier present, the soldier would be minus his kit anyway!
  14. All ready happened.

    I seem to remember being told that on the 75th anniversary all the TA Infantry Bn’s colour parties paraded at Wembley for HRH the Queen. Can anyone confirm this? I have also seen a painting by Terence Cuneo to mark the date. TA Soldier in foreground with all bits of kit behind him.

    This time we’ll get F All. I’ve been told that what ever happens it has to be cost neutral. Now there’s a big thank you!

  15. Does anyone get the idea that a TA Parade in London where anyone who has a stripe, or who has served for more than 3 years, has a Telic or Herrick medal may be bad PR for a Government trying to spin the myth that our Army is not overstretched?