Does anyone know if we are required to use respirators for certain shoots (eg. the rappel) and body armour for all the shoots at TA CENTSAAM?

We done neither at NISAAM.

Everyone I ask gives me a different answer!

AFAIK Roupell still has a NBC phase.

If you have any doubts, contact TARA at Bisley - get it from the horses mouth
I've shot most of the SAAMs but I've never heard of CENT SAAM. Anyone educate me on this one?

The short answer is that you wear a Resi on the Roupell for the first detail but not for the others. Unless you're at the Specialist SAAM, in which case you don't wear it at all (even on their APWT shoot).
TA CENT SAAM another way of saying TA SAAM just with a random word inserted in a bit like the good old DS Staff thing
Yes, you need your resi for the Roupell (run down and first practice) and also for one practice of the Para Cup (200m I think and possibly the first practice at 100m) I seem to remember sprinting from 200 to 100 and trying to engage 12c's standing with this wretched alien trying to suffocate me. Mind you that was a few years ago so things may have changed.

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