Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Never

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  2. Once

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  3. Twice

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  4. Three times (a laydee)

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  5. Did they volunteer to stare at my rude bits?

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    How many times have you been CDT'd?
  2. * sings *

    Three times a laydee ...

    They keep coming after me. Either they reckon I am a crackhead or they're using my wee wee to make clone steeley-eyed dealers of death.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Now gender free...

    (Many thanks Dr_Evil)
  4. 5 times - Twice at Chilwell (don't think they do that anymore), and three times in theatre (twice in two days owing to moving to the same location as the CDT team).

    Maybe I just look the type :headbang:

    On a more serious note, doesn't the wee wee test only really catch cannabis users? Apparently Cocaine (and other drugs) leaves the system within 24/48 hrs - Cannabis stays for up to two months.

    Apparent hair tests can catch users years after the event - dependent on hair length - shouldn't we be using these instead?

    edditted becos Teh droogs did mak me do spoolings mistakes
  5. I was...once...nearly...if it hadn't been for the CO of the OTC I was teaching at finding out somehow that 'they' were going to swoop on the camp we were based on. He brought startex forward by five hours and watched 200 of his long-haired woogy-jugglers clatter out of the gates in a Class C cloud as the CDT goons rolled in.

    The poor chap must have seen his very well connected and illustrious career flash before his eyes. :omfg:
  6. Apart from showing what may be termed a shocking lack of integrity* does the above not show that the OTC should be either A) drilled not to take drugs, regularly or B) exempted from CDT altogether.

    *Before anyone starts, I've seen this happen in reg units as well. But what's the point in having CDT if it's not done properly?
  7. Once, on Telic. They don't like it if you fill that cup to the brim!
  8. Whats the point? It so easy for the druggies to be warned off not to attend.

    Has any TA soldier been caught on a drill night CDT, I've never heard of any
  9. I had one in my unit, let off with a warning :roll:
  10. Once for me, but I know of several people who have been ejected due to failing the tests.
  11. Once on a course with the regs. Never heard of CDT on a drill night tho.....
  12. Came to us last summer on a drill night. Announced after everyone had signed in. No chance of anybody leaving. :evil:

    One guy got caught- great soldier, but kicked straight out anyway. Even though the OC did his best to keep him in. No pulling strings on that day.
  13. I think great soldier is a bit of a misnomer for a drug user.
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  14. My once was when I was at OTC, first parade back after the Xmas holidays, I think someone wanted to get their arrest rate up. Everyone passed though.
  15. Good anyone whether they be a reg or TA should be thrown out on a dishonourable discharge if caught by the CDT team. They give up their choice of whether to do drugs or not when they sign up.