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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Is your TA career a substitute for you civvy career, which is more important to yuo ? Are you a staffy in the TA and a forklift driver for B&Q in the week ? Discuss.....
  2. Civvy Street: Managing Director
    TA: Gunner

    At the moment I spend most of my time doing TA work, thas becuase its something I enjoy doing, the day job pays the rent. The way I see it is doing the TA stuff enables me to do my civvy job, without it I'd probably get depressed and run off to join the circus or something.
  3. Civvy Street: Software Engineer/Web Developer
    TA: Signaller - ICS Op

    I have exactly the same feeling as Wellyhead, getting out of the office for a weekend in green is what keeps me sane.
  4. I don't but I know a few that do that, I believe this is the way the TA is going. The TA will be populated by low paid workers who get better pay on weekends and ops (it will have SNCO's promoted above their ability and no officers).
  5. Civvy street: Research Scientist
    TA: PO/Siggy

    Ditto the above. If I didn't have the TA (or something very like it) I think I'd pop. I don't mean to sound like an advert, but the constant learning curve and hourly sense of achievment is so far from my day job at the end of a really good weekend I find myself wondering why I never joined the Regulars.

    Not sure I could survive (or be half so perky) without the rest period during the week though!
  6. Civvy job: Network admin
    TA: Recy Mec

    The TA is important to me but I get more job satisfaction from my Mon – Fri job and a far higher wage.
    I put family, friends, and work before the TA as recently demonstrated by choosing to spend time with the GF who was royally annoyed with me as apposed to attending the most important ex of the training year.
  7. I'm finding my civvie job (DBA/Programmer) more & more rewarding than my civvie job. I still like the green but its more white (fleet) than I would like.
  8. Civ Marketing Director

    TA Bombardier GCS

    If it wasn't for the reality check of the TA I would have be lost in world of suits, most of which are complete Kn@bbers. Sadly retired from Green this year and missing it like mad. More for my muckers though than the training. :(
  9. I do love the Green but decent weekends have recently been far and few between.

    Drill nights have become so poor that I often wonder why I bothered coming in.
    To make matters worse I’ve been dicked with a bone IT task because I’m one of the few comfortable in front of a computer.

    I’ve been exploring my transfer options for sometime now but keep finding a reason to stay where I am…
  10. Am I reading that correctly?
  11. Oops freudian slip, work on mil stuff @ work and civvie stuff in TA
  12. Never really been career minded either in the Ta or civi street.
    At the moment house husband as I've walked away from nursing .
    Ta pte.
  13. Civ: IT Mgt
    Mil: Ptarmigan AS OP

    I am a strong believer in the family, then work, then TA way of thinking. Whilst a TA career is a 'nice to have' it is in addition to to my main form of income as my mil pay rate is only about 65% of my civvy rate.

    Having said that when I do get the chance to put my trade skills to use I enjoy knowing that I am good at the job, although the challenge is getting less and less so I am looking at what my TA career path would be if I stayed in.
  14. I suspect this may be the answer Land Information And Communications Specialist Group (Volunteers) (see unit at the bottom.

    Commissing: couple of weekends at York with the medics, followed by a 2 week PQO commissioning course at Sandhurst (as a Capt). A lot easier than the route I know you were following
  15. Civ: IT 'Infrastructure' Analyst/Associate in Defence
    TA: Sig Radop

    A friend's recent experience has me reassessing my place in the TA though. They are certainly very clever, plenty of life experience and a Sig - getting treated like sprog fresh out of basic and their ability/maturity has almost gone ignored by their host unit.

    I'd hate to go from someone who plans and supports ICS demo's/exercises with mil to, upon mobilisation, someone who is around just to pick up the litter while their mil skills gap is ignored (you'll learn it in theatre is the new phrase). Unfortunately getting the opportunity to demonstrate your professional ability outside of your rank in the TA can be tricky, and being rewarded for it even harder.