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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scouse_phil, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. I have a few questions about careers in the TA. I am quite career minded and would like to gain promotion.

    Firstly, what is the rate of promotion like? Is it consistent (i read that a soldier is usually promoted every 3 years, is this just publicity rubbish?) Does it differ from specialist (or national) units and independent units?

    I will be 30 when I start my training, so what career progression can I expect? Could I reach the lofty heights of Warrant Officer or even take a Late Entry commission? What are the circumstances for gaining a LE commission?

    What are the usual ages for:

    Lance Corporal
    Staff Sergeant
    Lieutenant Colonel

    Thanks in advance.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Promotion will come as and when you are ready for it (skills / experience / qualifications) and the vacancies appear in the command structure.

  3. I have to say that my unit are really good, so my OC outlined my route to Sgt in my very first conversation with him. Obviously he didn't say it'll be in X years, as it's dependant on me achieving the goals set for me to obtain the skills & get on.

    I would suggest if you're keen, chat with your Troop/Platoon/Battery Cmdr or OC about how you go about achieving your career aims and then you'll be able to judge for yourself how far you can get & in what time scale. Each Soldier is different, so whilst your question isn't bone, it's unanswerable with any sort of accuracy.
  4. Phil, You better tone down your expectations - starting at 30 is pretty damn late. It will take a couple of years before you are ready for even LCpl - remember you are only going to be doing a few days training a month on average so the whole experienece/qualifications & getting noticed piece all take time. Some career courses are only held a couple of times a year, some only once.

    Better just to enjoy it - work hard but enjoy it. If you get wound round the axle about promotion you'll annoy your mates if nothing else !
  5. Phil
    Dont join the TA. If you feel the need for a "career" go regular. The TA is a hobby and is living proof that the " TEMPORARY" officer, SNCO and OR is as good as it gets. I have every respect for the volunteers of the 3 services, but dont confuse it with a career.
    Twice a citizen you all are
  6. Career Management?

    After the introduction of the Graduated Commitment Model? - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    No management of any career required. There won't be any.
  7. Retd_crab - I hear what you are saying but having now found myself enjoying my full time career, I have no intention at this time of jacking it in to join the army full time. However, I do not see why I could not have a 'second' career, albeit as a 'hobby' in the reserves.

    As for the other replies, I have now spoken to a couple of the units i'm interested in joining. The first unit (a specialist/national) said that I could be Sergeant by Year 4 (depending on my commitment). I was told that I would be eligible for promotion to Staff Sergeant by Year 6 -8 and WO2 by Year 11-12. However, from speaking to people in the unit, promotion beyond Sergeant is unlikely and the figures given misleading!

    The second unit I spoke to (an independent) has said that I could be Corporal by Year 3 (again depending on my commitment) but promotion to Sergeant could take anything up to 20 years!!
  8. Promotion to LCpl in 3 years is possible with a following wind, but Cpl, I don't think so.

    You may be just about able to go down the DE route, I stand to be corrected by I believe the age limit to attend RMAS is 32, assuming of course you meet the academic requirements.

    Join the right unit, work hard, enjoy things and demonstrate your commitment the system should recognise any potential you may have.

    NB Ignore the doom mongers like Mr T, he bangs on about graduated commitment in almost every post, it probably will happen at some point, but in the mean time we soldier on.

  9. Bang Bang bang

    April 10 - £5 on it.
  10. Bang Bang bang

    April 10 - £5 on it.[/quote]

    Whatever, but hardly a scoop is it!
  11. Just do as many courses and tours as u can and enjoy it. Promotion will come when your ready.
  12. What you will find is that units who want you to join them will promise you quick promotion.

    We had a jobs fair about 6 months ago and a certain unit offered promotion to Lcpl to our siggys, obviously for the siggys this was a big incentive, they were promising promotion in an 18 month bracket. What made me laugh though was that one of the private there, that day in that unit had been in 3 years and counting.

    Some guys get lance jack in 18 months some guys go on a dettys course after 2 years but by god it shows.
  13. Working on 50 MTD's per year.

    So a Sgt with all the responsibility that entails, after less than 1 years actual service, discounting the possibility of a tour, which would give you 2 years and possibly qualify you for your first tape in the regs..

    WO2 with less than 2 years actual experience, excluding possibly 2 tours.

    Why do the TA MODs not stop people posting shite like this? Seriously any reg who bothered to read this (less those of us who know that in the main a TA bod will spend usually 3 years between promotions) will never ever take you seriously.

    Don't give me the old, you learn more on tour than in camp, totally agreed but that doesn't speed up a regs promotion so why should it a TA soldiers?
  14. When I left the rags I joined the TA, I worked out that the sgt who had been in 10 years had maybe clocked up 2 years comparable service if she was lucky.
  15. I am in no way trying to knock the TA or cause another them and us row, but posts like this (the original post) come across as really Mickey Mouse. Not your post Polar, sorry i was just following on from your comments :oops:

    I know the TA will never do comparable service, that is unrealistic and not achievable, i realise promotion is an incentive and i know that in the main TA promotion matches Reg promotion as in years in rank and not comparable service, but this post should have been nipped in th ebud, the bloke PM'd by some of the sensible TA punters who know the score.

    I know there are Techs, spit, in certain CORP that do get accelerated promotion, but even my son who is going to be an Air Tech will be pushed to achieve Sgt by 6 years and WO2 by 11!!! and they get promoted using tokens out of Cornflake boxes!!!!

    So no offence intended against the TA, just daft posts like this. Genuine question by th einitial poster i know, they need info, but not something like this on a public forum that leaves you open to ridicule, the usual baiters must be away?