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I'm joining the TA soon and I'm studying electrics outside of work at the moment. I'm lacking practical experience as I have a different type of day job.

My question is, once i've done my basic training I understand you pick a trade? Is this right? Can I get practical experience in the TA?

I'm thinking of joining the Royal Engineers

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

A couple of our guys are sparkies in civvy street and vehicle electricians in the REME TA. Last time I checked the TA were keeping VEs even though the Regs have binned them off. Most units have REME attached (to add some class to the place).

It'll depend on the unit for practical experience though...
What TA unit are you joining? My understanding is that you join a TA unit, albeit medic, REME, RE etc, then do your recruit training, then go on to do trade training.......... so if you're joining a TA RE unit, then you should be ok. Alternatively, you could join a TA unit that needs a RE cell, so could still be RE cap badge and RE trained, but might be in a med unit for example.

I'm a scab lifter, and I don't think many of the quals that we get are transferrable to civvi life, so you might want to find our if your training gets you NVQ's and stuff.

Equally, once you join the RE's, there a whole host of different trades you can go for........ but again, this might be dependent on what unit you join...... I know there's one RE TA unit that prints maps, and another that fills holes in runways etc. My son is joining the RE regs, and the trade opportunities were triff.

Hope this helps and best of luck...... you'll enjoy it!
Boneytone raises a good point about RE sparkies being embedded in a medical unit although I think it would be more likely that the posts will be filled by trained and experienced sparkies, rather than sparkies-in-training.

A Field Squadron would probably be a better bet, though you need to be aware that the experience that you'll gain may only really come about during Camp - and then only if there are electrical tasks to do.

TA sparkiness may not be a good path to becoming a civvy sparky, but could well provide a path to rounding out the experience of an established electrician.
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