TA Cambrian Patrol Teams

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by healer, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    Just a link for any teams who took part a link to loads of photos from the competition, you may just see yourself, they seem to be mostly of the river crossing and wasn't that a fun stand to have a photo taken at?


    Hope they work, Healer.

    One to prove I was there! ---- http://www.theimagefile.com/?skin=5489&ppwd=gr3992sb&Action=VF&id=3007804

    The one you may want to see more ----http://www.theimagefile.com/?skin=5489&ppwd=gr3992sb&Action=_VC&id=51424
  2. I see what you mean!
  3. Stevie Wonder could see what he meant...
  4. Demonstration of the alternate firing positions. Beside it was wet...

  5. I think that should be in the 'Ally Star' section :wink:

    btw - can you send me some info on the PTI intermediate course please, mate?
  6. I assume that the bloke whos shoulder its on is deaf as a post now.
  7. Nah its not that bad as long as you use some form of ear defence and make sure the gas regulator isnt on something that my burn i.e dry grass skin etc. Other than that its all fun and games.

  8. SMR

    It wouldn't do to hot-neck your mucker with that or the barrel! How do you explain A1234 engraved on your neck?!

  9. Thats ok its his neck I can live with that! :D Its also a bit like a certain Irish Cpl that played the ever fun game of "catch the ejected casing down the smock" was aparantly quite funny watching him try to tare his smock off trying to get it :)