TA brothers join forces training in Kazakhstan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Superb. Look forward to the write up :D
  3. top lads.
    MSR, pm me your details and i'll pass them on when i see them on tuesday.
  4. Nice "home-town" story. Good effort lads!
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Did Khazakhstan 2 years ago -Top Camp, apart from the accomodation! Not often you do a live firing Ex using Hind and Flogger, and do a Coy Assault from BTR80 and BMP, supported by semi-auto Mortars :)

    The Training areas are covered with bushes of Cannabis, which made putting out the range fires more fun than usual.

    Oh, and the women are, in true Ex-Communist-Country-Style, absolutely stunning.
  6. edited for being "wrong" :D
  7. Steppe Eagle wasnt as much fun as you might think. With csgts cleaning the bogs and the R&R restricted due to RHA's crime spree in Almaty. The Kazak's were welcoming enough at least till they got their NATO acreditation to allow them to serve on peace keeping duties. then it seemed to be 'thanks now f**k off'. Even to the stage of having to load our own plane. Well the laughs on them cos now they can go and stag on in Iraq.
    Was a good experiance for the new lads in the bn but a bit of a let down for the sweats.
    Oh by the way fuzzi, he didnt get sacked, he resigned of his own accord.
  8. And it wasnt 6llb of weed, Cpl T***** has never carried 6llb in his life.
  9. no sh1t. heard and seen quite unbeleivable things from that man....
    didnt seem keen on the idea of a cft this weekend either, did well with that one.
  10. I thought the route was a bit harder than it needed to be. But he's keen cos he's just done his PTI course.
  11. Great story... good to see the TA's 'bank-balance' going up in the world all the time...

    ...A case of don't mention 'The Borat' as well...
  12. yeah, but we need him like that to keep us all on the ball, dont forget, we fusiliers get to carry the mg plus tripod as well as all our kit.......
    you b coy?
  13. Anyone else going to the Wild East and needing a Russian/Polish speaking heli marshaller, just let me know....

  14. Fuzz1.....yes. Guess who?
  15. i know who you are Aintbrokedontfixit but who the hell is Fuzz1 or is he one of the new guys