TA Bravo course - what causes the most failures?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ho2331, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Hi Gents,
    As the title suggests, I'm wondering what causes the highest attrition rate amongst recruits who fail or are RTUed from their Bravo or CIC. Is it just the usual failed WHT and/or lack of fitness? Or is it usually something outside of the Recruit's control such as injury or perhaps just plain stupidness.

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  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A total lack of spine, character, personal standards and physical fitness usually sums it up.
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  3. Well that's this thread answered, NEXT!
  4. ladieeesss annnd gentalmenn... The award for the most honest straight forward answer to my bone thread goes to... His Lordship!

    I'll collect my coat now.

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  5. the latest is a failure for to send the correct paperwork, or that their attendance between starting CIC and their last phase 1 weekend was just over the 8 weeks so they now have to do weekend 10 again.
  6. I think it might have something to do with the fact that on a Saturday morning, most of these idle ***** are still in bed eating cold pizza for breakfast .
    And then when it comes to doing a bit of piss easy phys' , they think life is all too difficult and then give up on everything else.
    I'm t.a myself but must admit, the recruiting process should be a lot tougher to sift through the lazy ******* and the actual participants who want to progress

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  7. PFT / CFT and WHT failures.

    In other words, poor preparation by sub unit. The ATU does not submit the bids.
  8. What kind of a useless **** do you have to be to fail TA CIC?

    My Coy had a lad fail last year. He was a nice lad but, as stated above, kind of a useless ****.

    Although CIC failure highlghts to me the dogshit training/standards at RTC's or whatever the **** they're called now. As how can they "pass" phase 1 being that useless. But then I've never hidden my view on that matter.

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  9. What kind of useless ***** of a Company do you have to be to send a known useless **** to TA CIC?

    Then your view would seem to be expressed from a bodily orifice not normally associated with conversation.

    The ATU do not mandate standards; ITG do. ATUs are not in the habit of passing people who should really be failures. The student will have his bid for CIC submitted by his subunit.

    What kind of subunit submits a course bid for somebody who is a known useless ****?

    See above.
  10. The kind of unit that has been told by the RTC that the soldier is if a satisfactory standard to progress to the next stage.

    The kind of unit that also sends lads on tour. Not that you'd understand that sort if thing.

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  11. shit weather
  12. If your Company thought he was a useless **** but still sent him to CIC, thats your Company's fault. ATU have signed him off as having reached the standards mandated by ITG. The CIC bid was submitted by your Company, not the ATU. Not their problem.

    What an original riposte.

    My unit has sent plenty of blokes on tour.
  13. Actually, not the case.

    B_M moaned about the standards of recruits coming from ATU, not seeing to be aware that the standard is not mandated by them but by ITG.

    His unit sent somebody they had no faith in to CIC and he promptly failed. He got a sulk on when I pointed out that the bid should not have been submitted in the first place.

  14. No sulk on being had at all.

    Did yoy consider the point that the man who submits bids for CIC doesn't see enough of his recruits to have a full understanding of thier skill and sends them despite being told by lower ranks that said recruits are no good?

    As for the ITG thing fine. But it is still the RTC that signs recruits off as reaching the, admitedly low, standard. To give RTC's some slack I do admit that there are a lot of numbers going through at one time so some strays will get through. An answer to that problem? Separate teeth arms from CSS. So your phase one is INF only or CSS only.

    I am well aware it's not as simple as that but it'a start.

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