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Do I have to use the "Brand Pictures" on the CD for my new Recruiting Leaflets etc?? The Marketers are telling me the Brand Manuel only!
I have loads of pictures from Ex's Deployments taken by Land PIO and Media Ops, Stuart Bingham etc and they are top quality.
It just seems a bit s***ty that I could end up using some picture of a bloke who could have left, have died or worse (the dead thing as happened by the way!).


In anticipation.
Hi Y,

The long and the short of it is this. Recruiting Group want to see the brand adhered to exactly as it is. They, and anyone who has bought their sales pitch, will of course tell you that you must. From a purely marketing viewpoint, they are correct in that in theory every abuse of the brand weakens the Army's identity (which in the Army's case I don't buy for a minute!) but in reality it isn't so simple.

The major failing of the TA brand lies in Recruiting Group's mindset which says that any person being recruited into any part of the reserve forces is a success and they have achieved their mission. This is why their stuff is so generic and only leaves a tiny area for you to emphasise your regimental identity. From the unit point of view you could spend thousands of pounds recruiting for the Loamshire Fusiliers only to find that hundreds of people have joined the 31st Tactical Bunting Tossers down the road. In spite of the RG definition of success, the Loamshires will of course be poked in the chest for a huge ad expenditure for no gain because that's how the Regular-headed, mutually ignorant TA works.

I discovered that I only had to use the TA brand if I was using RFCA money. I now use RFCA money for everything but printed ad material and am therefore free to do everything the way I want to and the way the Regiment has done things (very effectively) for many years.

I also use any picture I think suits the mood, not just the brand manual ones (which are all Crown Copyright so you can use them in any way you like -- normal rules applicable) not just in the Brand Manual designs.

Hope this helps,
As we are a new FAS/FIS Regiment it is abit naff using pictures of other suckers. The Regular parent Battalions used all their own pics, I know, I did these for them to!

So, look out Geordie Bloke with holes in the knees of your Combats. Your soon goner be Welsh!



Very similar to sticky, but RFCA London are very happy to use images that you supply, but the branding rules must apply. You therefore end up with a quality picture and relevant text set in a TA branded piece of work.

Has worked very well for us so far.


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