TA Brand Box

Just got my hands on one of these. Very interesting, muchos pesetos obviously spent.

Just two questions: Why did they not include the Impact LT font (and where can you get it from) and why has is been split into TA Officer, TA Soldier, TA Specialist and TA Medic?

When we are out recruiting we are after anyone who is interested, not specifically officers or soldiers.

Is it not to link up with the TA website, and the whole uniform corporate image/message as per civvy street marketing.
the TA website is split that way.

Don't know your background but AMS its a case of trying to pick up not only OR's and Officers but we also need to look specifically at Professionally Qualified officers who have a different recruitment proceedure and career profile.

But what (with all due respect) makes the AMS so special that they get their own branding?

Like regular AMS we operate differently from the rest of the army things like PQO comissions.
The skills that many bring into the TA AMS are not always replicated in the regular army and our civvy jobs actually provide more of our training for our roles than our TA training does. Also TA AMS does at full wartime capicity provide 25% of the hospital capicity for the regular army and. only 33% of the AMS is regular.
90% of the TA literature does not cover AMS. and in many areas the AMS were given the lowest priorities over resources but were the most likley units to be deployed including as formed units. GW1 had 205 gen hospital, Tellic 1 had 202 + various ambulance squadrons deployed.
the added problem is we have to recruit officer heavy for example there are about 200 officers in a TA field hospital mainly nurses.
msr said:
But what (with all due respect) makes the AMS so special that they get their own branding?

The Defence Medical Services have been decimated in recent years. Previously, one of the attractions for doctors and nurses who joined the regular forces was not working in the chaos that is the NHS. Nowadays, there is little incentive - they still get to work within the NHS and get pissed about and sent to various unpleasant places for 6 months at a time as well. The result is that the medical services of all 3 arms are so short of staff that deployments rely on the TA. This in turn has led to many NHS trusts discouraging staff from joining. This is probably why so much effort has gone into trying to recruit PQOs into the AMS TA.[/i][/u]
The TA Brand has been spilt into 4 "to appeal to seperate recruitment markets and audiences within the community".

Each section has specific messages, images, colours and branding that are tailored to its segment....basically it is a half arrsed attempt at developing recruiting literature that can be used in a template form across the TA that ties into the "Job" segmentation and overall look and feel of the regular army site(www.armycareers.co.uk) and literature, with minimal time and cost impacts....

Do a compare and contrast - 50p and a packet of crisps if anybody can spot major differences!

The Medics stuff was produced first as this was the main priority for recruitment. Officer is second, Specialist (RMP, engineers etc) third and last but not least for the rest of you - Soldier......

Call me cynical if you like, but i worked on the project :twisted:
I think it's a great idea. I am just wondering how they are going to enforce compliance?

Has anyone used it in anger yet? I am hoping to do something with it this w/e.

No, and I need a copy

Every Unit should have received at least one, best to ask your Adj.

I have just re-designed our website with the Brand Box as inspiration: http://33signals.org.uk

Comments welcome (I will be putting some more pictures up over the next few days)


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