TA BOWMAN Training starting this year (RSigs)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Well it finally had to happen, a course in a few months will be teaching IS (IT in civy speak) and BOWMAN.

    All RS Op Class 1's (yes I mean all so those in 12 Sig Grp can now finally do your class 1) will now be following this format. I presume the course is now titled ICS Op Class 1, which could also mean the AS Op class 1 has been binned and you can attend this course as well (POLAR69 this could mean you - however wrong it sounds - u know what I mean).

    However glad am I that the abortion that was RS/AS/tech Op class 1 has now gone, I'm just a bit worried that the IS part of the new course is going to be the same 'ECDL' Training Objective (TO) thats appeared in the AS Op Class 3 and TA YofS RSTO's (yes that was the case, a Siggies TO was also in a supervisors TO 8O ).
    I hope that isn't the case and we've got a few IS TO's ported over from the regular class 1, if anyone does know, please let me know as a soldier in my unit is attending the first course - I'd like to help him if I can (I can't find the RSTO's anywhere inc RLI).

    It does also seem strange that our Cpls are to be given BOWMAN training at class 1 level without being converted at class 2/3. The planning appears to be amateurish
  2. Aaaah all becomes apparent, wonder if that has anyting to do with the message on my phone this afternoon ??

    Doubt it :D
  3. Please no, are we in an outfit of cowboys?
  4. Does this mean seniors and Yoz's will get Bowman management trianing.
  5. I think we both know the answer to that, on the bright side class 1's are going to be trained on systems we will get and not ones we decommissioned last century.
  6. Rumour rumour rumour, we were told late last year that when the ark returns, then units that are Opcon to them for the exercises, will get Bowman as they need it to be able to talk to everyone, as most units in the ark are already bowmanized.
  7. ARRC is unlikely to be coming back for a while and in the meantime, Bowman needs to be rolled out to the TA as planned. Bear in mind that Bowman remains only fulfilling half it's promises and while the propoganda would have you believe that it's in and working, much remains to be completed.

    I'll believe the planned roll-out to the TA when I see it (got the right L/Rovers?)

    Lovely day here in JHQ by the way.
  8. Any good jobs over there ??? Seems to be some contradictory info around. Understand noah coming back by the end of the summer and the first big ex planned for 07. Being totally CNR and providing the CNR backbone for ark to all units on the falcon ex's, we would have hoped to get it earlier, so we could at least talk to you. we have the green fleet although somewhat decimated with backloading for Bowman fits, and still some in the sandpit. Understand at least one spec TA unit already playing with Bowman
  9. Yes I know it is, no concrete plans for introducing BOWMAN so what is Blandford doing?
  10. Ptarmigan relay class one courses still running according to my contact , bowman needs ptarmigan until Falcon flaps up
  11. I'm a bit miffed to hear that, this new course could cover far more relevant subjects, your very unlikely to be deployed in your current role. Many people in your regiment have deployed into roles that they are not exercised or trained in e.g. IS, Radio or COMCEN Op, only a very few people deployed in a Ptarmigan role.
  12. Well there's already a few TA units with dates for conversion, but this is all rumour talk overheard on a cold carpark near enough to Leeds whilst drinking coffee and waiting for my turn to play with my mast(s).
    Well it doesn't have to be mounted on LR's, what about other off road platforms?
  13. So how does that work then? We're traded for one job, we get mobilised to do another? Is it a case of 'on the job' training', or trade training given during optag? No wonder the regs get a bad impression of our abillity.

    Will bowman courses be opened up to other trade classes too, e.g. class 3 or 2 radops? I figure the ptarmigan types will happily continue to do their thing while the CNR bods should be getting to grips with the new toys? At least until Falcon etc comes along.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Is there a BOWMAN installation for the 110, or does it have to go in a WULF?

  15. Yes there should be as I saw a couple at RSS recently. Allegedly (I love that word) there is a problem with the weight on the back axle