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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mr_pr, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. I will keep this as simple as possible.

    In Jan 07 I transferred to Grp A TA from Grp B TA after 2 years of Grp B service.

    Come April I had been in the TA for 3 years.

    As such I expected a 3rd Year Grp A bounty. However, I didn't get it. I was told even though I had my CO's certification, I would not get a bounty as I wasn't eligible due to my short Grp A time served.

    Very recently I was told during a conversation with a colleague that come April, "If a person has been given his CO's certification then they are due the bounty level based on total TA time served and at a level reflecting the service type of their current unit."

    So in my case, 3 years and Group A.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? Does anyone know which regulation this would be under so I know where to start hunting when I finally get JPA access?

  2. Would have thought your chief clerk would be the 1st port of call, even if he/she can't quote the Reg off the top of the head, should have access to the correct regulation.
  3. So you had 3 years certificates or one, IIRC Bounty is paid on certificates not years, if you miss a cert one year you drop a level and so on.
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  7. Did you obtain bounties for the two years you were doing your Group B service? If yes, then you should have received your bounty as a year 3 Group A. If not, then you get year 1 Group A - which is still more than you ever received in Group B service, so what are you moaning about?
    Are you not in the TA so that you can serve Queen and country? Surely pay is a bonus...
  8. Not sure about bounty payments (I use mine to buy the wife off, she gets the bounty to spend) but just cos it says voulanteer dosn't mean you do it for free, I do it cos I enjoy it but I don't want to think I'm getting screwed over with wages or for that matter like "mr-pr" who obviously feels agreaved about his bounty.
    edited cos i wrote it when I was still 1/2 asleep.
  9. Is this fact? If so then this clears it all up. I did receive two Grp B bounties in my previous years.

    I got nothing, thats why I am moaning.

    Enough said.
  10. Do you know where in the regulations this is stated? I need to find it.
  11. Did you do the requisite number of days for a Gp A bounty (15 In camp and 12 out of camp)? - No days = no bounty.
  12. mr_pr, I'm not sure if its stated in TA Regs per se, but every single person I've known (myself included) that transfers from Grp B to A receives the bounty level based on time served (and previous certificates of efficiency) in the TA.

    More to the point, if the Certificate of Efficiency was issued (as in physically entered onto JPA) as you say then you should have received your bounty at the correct rate as JPA works it out itself automatically. I suspect that your COE was not issued, ie not entered onto your JPA record. Luckily for you its fairly easy to rectify once you prove your case.
  13. I can screw that one up, I dont do camps but still get bounty! nor do I do courses in lieu.
  14. How so? Or don't we want to know....