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TA Bounty

Sorry if this is an old subject that has been thrashed to death, but here goes....

I have been in the TA approx 19 months, in my first year I attended 2 camps (the unit camp, and Recruits course) and every training weekend bar 2.

April came and I was looking forward to spending my bounty on beer/holiday/rubbish from e-bay. No bounty came. I was told in a rather confusing way that I do not qualify for my bounty because I am in my first year with the unit. After asking about and my staffy kicking up a bit of a fuss I was then told that I either took my 1st year bounty and received nothing in my last year or put up with it and receive a bounty in my final year (even more confusing?!). This was apparently a retention incentive ???????

Why do they advertise the 1st year bounty if they have no intention of giving it to you? I'm not in it for the money, but it's a bit of a kick in the teeth when the Unit Wasters turn in for their 1 CFT/1 APWT and 1ITD weekends and qualify when there are hard working juniors who are there week in week out and miss out.


Ps. How do I sort out pay, I'm still getting payed as a Rct despite being a L/Cpl?
Ask for an OC's interview about making a redress of grievance. That should get the PSI/Admin wallah thinking. If you don't get the answer tell the OC you are not happy and request a CO's interview. That will solve your problem, unless there are very good reasons why you are not getting paid.

And next time post this sort of thing on the TA forum where as a pure TA thing it belongs (and yes I am a Territorial).
NT, you should definatley check.

You may be in the same situation I was in, I joined at 17 and in the latter part of the training year.

Joining in the wrong part of the year means you can't get your bounty (I think its somewhere around autumn). Come the following April I did get the 1st but was a little narked I'd become fully trained in 3 months and received nowt (and done more MTDs than many during my short time in the TA)

Your SSgt seems to be not helping you thou...... mIne would

It cannot be done to death until the TA addresses the chronic loss of personnel in the first three years of service.

Failing to get bounties sorted does not help this issue.

Sounds like you've been hit with the part-year bounty argument.

You can either get a part year bounty in your first year or your last year. It makes sense to get your part-year bounty in your last year because its more money than your first year.

Why you aren't allowed two part-year bounties I have no idea - beancounting no doubt.
Monkeys get a stripe out of Basic Training don't they?

Under Crewman2000, the chap has probably ticked all the right boxes and might have had his lobotomy earlier in life, thus qualifying for a position of command.

StabTiffy2B said:
Don't Int boys get one as well? No wonder the regs give us abuse.
I know of one soldier who was holding a Infantry Sgts slot after 3 1/2 years in the TA, (a Sgt was 'sacked' so they could swap jobs)
polar said:
StabTiffy2B said:
Don't Int boys get one as well? No wonder the regs give us abuse.
I know of one soldier who was holding a Infantry Sgts slot after 3 1/2 years in the TA, (a Sgt was 'sacked' so they could swap jobs)
That really is shocking. I'm not advocating a time barrier on promotion, but it's a matter of experiance and ability. It took me 4 years (and 14 days) from attestation to First Tape, that included an Op Tour and being top Student on all trade courses. When Monkeys, Scalies, AGC, etc dish out promotions, willy nilly, it de-values the rest of us.
^Guessed you were.

That person was promoted by an ex-Regular RAF officer and the de-motion was instigated by an ex-reg YofS LE Capt.
On the first-or-last year bounty - take the first year, as it will get you on the subsequent higher rates a year earlier. You therefore don't lose out. Also, you have the option of sitting on your hands for a few months at the end of your service until you get the last year's bounty as of right.
Cheers for the advice guys, I'm going to talk to the PSI this weekend and sort this out (he has recently joined the unit, and wasn't around when the bountys [weren't] paid).

Don't worry guys I am a Monkey (don't hold this against me) so 1st tape after training (the only reason for this is you need to be a NCO to hold a Warrant Card).

I joined my unit in the Febuary of last year and was attested in May, so I was on the books and being trained for 11 months of the training year. They didn't even try and fob me off with part-training year excuse. Just said outright that I don't get one in the 1st year.
you are being messed about mate,

i got the first year bounty 5 months after attestation, i wasnt expecting it but was told i had done the 2 weeks (phase 1 condensed course) and all the itd's neccessary so it didnt matter how long i had been in

request an OCs interview
As I understand it, if you've done the days, ITD's and CMS(R) then you are efficient and worthy of your bounty, if you completed it in the last 3 months of the year then so what.

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