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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by watch_the_birdie, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. I've had some conflicting answers on this, so I'll probably have some more on here.

    I did 4 years of TA and got my bounty every year without fail. Then I took about 6 months out due to moving to a new job and new part of the country etc. and joined a new unit. I didn't get my bounty that year as although I did all MATTs I could not get the time off work to do a 15 day camp, amongst a few other personal issues which prevented me going on a camp. So no bounty this spring just gone.

    However this year I will qualify having done all MATTs and annual camp already.

    The question is, because I missed out on the bounty last year, do I get bumped down to the "year one rate" or not, for the bounty in spring 2010?

    Some say I will, and some say I won't. The difference of bounties for someone being in 1 year and someone being in 6 years is significant. Just wondering, so I can clear up the debate...
  2. You remain on the higher rate
  3. Yup you remain on the higher rate happened to me for the 2007/08 training year
  4. You can do a course in lieu or a reduced 9 day camp or you can do courses over the weekends ie BCDT, Assistant CBRN, CMCQ etc then they can go towards your Camp days as well.

  5. Stay on higher - I took two years out when mobilised and came back on 5th year rate.