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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. A little bit of a confusing situation here so I'm hoping somebody can help or point me to the relevant documents.

    Originally I was OTC but transferred over to the TA in 2008 as an OCdt and then in 2009 changed to Pvt. The problem is that my bounty for last year (received April 2010, so training year 2009/10) was put through as an OTC year 3 rather than a TA year 3. This was not noticed at the time as I was working abroad for a prolonged period with extremely limited internet access, its only now when going through paper work I have noticed it. Yes, my fault for the delay.

    On speaking to the clerks about this I have been told it was because at the time I was an OCdt and had not completed phase 2. If that is the case, no dramas. However prior to my transfer I know others who transferred into other TA battalions and regiments as OCdts who were put straight onto the TA bounty scale at the same level/year of their OTC scale. So which is correct?

    Any guidance and/or help would be great.
  2. Dunno but when you get it we can go on the piss.
  3. Paywog will probably be along shortly with the definitive answer but it sounds like they failed to change the bounty type field in your element entries. Sounds like a job for the tiger team to sort out, raise it with your chain of command before you get the wrong type for this year as well!
  4. I suspect that is what happened, but it is now set to TA scale for the upcoming bounty. However i have asked the clerks about it and they asked the PSAO who stated it is correct as at the time i was an Ocdt. However if wrong, as i suspect due to mentioned examples of other transfers, we are talking an error worth a few hundred quid. Hence wanting to know where to look for clarification before challenging the decision.
  5. Monday morning bump.
  6. Firstly, you changed to a Pte. not a Pvt (unless you joined the USNG?!)

    On another note, your bounty should have been a TA Year ONE bounty - not a TA year 3. Alas UOTC service does not count for bounty level purposes; its in the JSP. It is however open to interpretation, it reads;

    " Service as a University Cadet does not count towards full training commitment bounties"

    Now, a University Cadet can be taken to mean UOTC or it could be taken to mean someone like a medical/dental cadetship or such like in theory.

    Your mates were either prior to the change in the JSP (I'm not sure when it was added, may have been there all along) or they were just lucky how the JSP was interpreted (or more likely the staff were unaware)
  7. Double thanks Mongoose!
  8. A point to note is that JPA will not automatically reset your bounty level, therefore unless your admin office are aware or are made aware it's more than likely you'll get a TA 4th year bounty since they'll have changed your bounty type from tri-university to TA Gp A Regional. This has not effect on the "bounty counter" which will not reset unless someone physically edits the "reset bounty level" (or similar) box
  9. Been discussed before, I was in a similar position. See thread...

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