TA Bounty for ex-regs???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Oh_Mama_2_Hot_2_Spicy, May 1, 2010.

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  1. I wonder if anyone can help me.

    I joined my local TA infantry regt after leaving the regs with a gap of about 3 months. I have jump through all the various hoops CIC etc and qualified for my bounty.

    Now on joining i was told that I be on 5 year bounty money, however i have now been told that this is not true and is just £350 ish for ex-regs

    It would not really matter but having been a Cpl all be it in a corps with two tours, who is now a Pte again I feel I would have been better off joining my old corps TA and just making up the numbers instead of trying somthing new and earning a few quid.

    I am enjoying the TA the inf is a different way of life for me and have now done well of the 28 MTD etc and try to get away on most training weekends. Its just seems that there is no recognition that I had served 8yrs prior to joining and do have something more than a someone stright off the street to offer
    Rant over
  2. I got f all as well mate, I think it depends on your psao and chief clerk.
  3. I went from RAC to Sigs witha gap of about 4months and got top whack
  4. Well I will have a chat on Tuesday night with PSI. But you know what I can see this dragging on for months!!!! and the person you need to speak to never being at there desk the correct bit of paper going missing on at least 5 occasions

    Boxy, did you keep your rank?
  5. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    Anecdotally, I have known of blokes to join the TA after a short break from the Regs and get top whack. So it can be done and does happen. Given the sums involved, definitely worth harassing your chain of command over.

    Polar69, I know you came from a different service. Could that have had anything to do with it?

    Edited to add: You should be able to keep your rank, but as a full screw would have to get the relevant branch qualification within a designated time frame (two years I seem to recall). Transferring to the Infantry as a Cpl, that would mean Section Commanders' Battle Course (aka 'Junior Brecon') or one of the support weapons equivalent. I'm surprised they didn't put you on the first available PJNCO Cadre (they run all year at ITC Catterick) to at least get you a tape up.
  6. I think so, although people have done the same thing and got top whack, I think it depends on how much leg work people are prepared to do for you
  7. Previous Service
    Previous full-time service in any of HM Regular Forces, or service in any of the Reserve Forces in which the full training bounty has been earned by the completion of obligatory training 1, may count towards qualifying service for the higher rates of bounty provided such service terminated less than 3 years before joining/re-joining any of the volunteer Reserve Forces. Previous Regular service does not automatically qualify an individual for the highest bounty payment. Personnel with less than 5 years Regular service will receive a bounty appropriate for their combined Regular and Reserve service. For example, an individual who has completed their first year in the Reserve Forces, but had 3 years Regular service would receive the four year bounty payment.

    Dated 31 Oct 09

    I think that mean i can at least argue my case for 4yr money from 8yrs service?
  8. I believe as an ex reg you should automatically qualify for top bounty, so not receiving it may be JPA not recognising your previous service. You need to speak with your PSAO (not PSI) or RAO/RAWO.

    As for keeping your rank, that would depend on what PID your TA unit employs you against. You should also check to see what qualifications the PID you occupy requires as you may have to attend several courses to get qualified for that PID. Again, your PSAO is the person to speak to not your PSI.
  9. If you have done 8 years combined (provided that the TA contribution was bounty earning), you should be on the 5 and over rate - the JSP entry you quote is still valid (JSP754, Ch4, para 0507). I went straight on to the top rate (although that was a few years ago) with 13 years reg service (and a 2 year gap.)
  10. Right I will make contact Tuesday night in a diplomatic style inform them that my holiday spends are in their bank account and if they would kindly transfer them across me and Mrs 2 hot 2 spicy can enjoy our yearly break. Oiled up in some flee pit of a hotel in some run down resort in spain in an alcohol induiced coma.
  11. No, but I was...'fast tracked' as some skills transfered
  12. I had some skills too once, or were they party tricks.
  14. Caps lock key off, there's a good chap.

    VRSM - Mobilised time counts 1 for 1 up to 5 years worth, half rate after that; you can count up to 5 years regular service at half rate (ie a max of 2 1/2 years.)