TA BOUNTY 2009 - what do OTC years count for?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ridingcrop, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. I completed two full years in the OTC and then transferred to the TA. I have now complete a full year there. Will I receive a third year bounty? I have been told that OTC years count for nothing, half a year each and full years!

    Any authority out there on the matter please?!
  2. When I transferred I kept my army number and my P file was forwarded.

    If you qualified for a certificate of efficiency for the previous years then it should count. If you transferred this financial year you will have had to do all MATTs including CBRN training to qualify as this is not touched on in OTC.

    That is at least what happened for me.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Then kindly don't then go on to spout nonsense :roll:

    And there is no point bumping a thread less than 1/2 hour old.

    Here is where you will find the answer:

    Officers Training Corps 2.055.
    The following training is to be carried out annually by members of the Officers Training Corps: 15 days continuous in-camp training. Out of camp training of 15 days, for a minimum of 2 hours actual training per day. Training set out in the annual HQ LAND OTC Directive. The OTC training year commences on 1 October each year. Additional training may be carried out voluntarily. Regulations governing the payment of bounty for those who transfer from the OTC Group B to Group A units on completion of the OTC training year are at JSP 754, Chapter 4, Section 5. This paragraph does not apply to OTC officer cadets of the Held Strength (Unpaid) Category (see Annex H/5).
  4. and what does 'JSP 754, Chapter 4, Section 5' state exactly? I received two OTC bounties, transferred and have qualified for this bounty coming. So what will it be?

    Also, why has the army pushed the payment date back to May!?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Get a grip: You are going to be a leader of men.

    If you cannot be bothered to go and ask your Chief Clerk for a JSP, then quite frankly you deserve neither the bounty nor soldiers to lead.

  6. Wrong.

    The OTC is part of the TA, Group B. You certainly can transfer from the OTC to a normal TA Group A unit. It is essentialy the same as any other TA transfer between units.
  7. If it helps, my understanding of the JSP was that as long as you had transferred by a certain point in the year in order to have 6 months of Group A service by the time that Certificates of Efficiency were awarded then you would qualify in this scenario for a 3rd year bounty. I transferred in the August and recieved my 5th OTC bounty in September and then also received a 5 year Gp A bounty the following April!!!
  8. I was in this exact situation.

    If you read through JSP 754, Chapter 4, Section 5 you will find that bounty level is worked out entirely on the number of COE's an Officer/Soldier holds regardless of these being gained under Group A or B service. However there is a footnote regarding UOTC's, it states that COE's earned at UOTC do not count toward bounty level.

    In short, if this is your first non UOTC COE, then you should expect a Level 1 Bounty. Also be prepared to get a % of the Level 1 bounty if you have not been on Group A strength for 12 months, this is also in the JSP.

    However, you may also get a bigger bounty, unlikely, but I know of OCdt's who transferred and got this. No idea why, but they did. Glasgow told me they shouldn't have got it and the JSP back ups Glasgow.

    Hope this clears it up. Finally, if you need to know what JSP XXX states in the future go onto DII (Your admin staff can log you on if you don't have an account) and have a read.

    [Edited to add]
    As the above poster shows their are always exceptions to this for some reason. But they are simply lucky, the JSP is as I explained above
  9. My scenario was 10 years or so ago - so as Final RV points out it has changed massively. I'll just shut up now!
  10. thank you for your comments FinalRV, much more helpful than msr who appears to have a rather chippy attitude. ;-)
  11. My bold.

    Not necessarily true, he may have joined the TA as a tom.
  12. On transfering from an OTC I was able to go straight to a fourth year bounty, though always suspected this was a mistake so said nothing!

    Following on from that, do the OTC years count towards the TA version of the long service medal? (VRSM?)
  13. I have enquired about such things before out of interest. I have been told that any consecutive service from the date you have an army number, counts towards such medals.

    It isn't backed up by JSP 1 million, chapter nine, but that is what I have been told!
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    With regard to the VRSM TA Regs: Chap 3, Annex 3, Para 9b The following will count as half qualifying service:

    "Service after the age of 17 years on RNR List 7 at a University Royal Naval Unit (URNU), or as a cadet or
    commissioned officer serving solely in Group B of the Officers’ Training Corps (OTC), or the Subalterns’
    Special Pool or the University Air Squadron (UAS)."

    As for the payment of the bounty being put back to 1 May 09 the answer is that the bounty is earned on 1 Apr, but does not have to be paid then. Due to the increased efficiency brought in by JPA it can no longer be paid on 1 Apr so it is generally paid on 1 May if JPA can be bothered.

    I know this because it has been mentioned on ARRSE before but I've never heard it through official channels but why bother to mention something as unimportant as the bounty.