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  1. I recently finished reading an excellent book called Winter Warriors and was very surprised to find that the author was a member of the TA (along with about 50 others on S Types). Throughout the book I had no idea he was a part timer and it goes to prove that the "one army" concept can work - at least on operations.

    Anyone else read this book?
  2. its mentiuoned here.

    The author posts now and again on ARRSE; no doubt will announce himself shortly.
  3. I agree CL, its a very good book, but don't expect too many replies on this site as TA soldiers don't seem to be interested in supporting one of their own. Its a shame really as the author was involved in an interesting and dangerous tour and show the TA to be equal to the regs.

    I wish more TA soldiers would record their exploits or they will be lost forever with only a biased "Regular" view of ops for historians to learn from
  4. well its been over a week now and the author hasn't posted. Can anyone tell me who it is so I can PM him and offer my congratulations?
  5. Daddy, check your PM's mate
  6. I haven't read that one but I have read one called "Weekend Warrior" regardign a RecyMec from the REME TA on Telic. I thought it was really good.
  7. cunning linguist - the author is the special one
  8. The Daddy, thanx for that
  9. Is he still in?
  10. according to his book he is out now, but the sentiment that we don't support our own is still true. It seems we love to read books written by regulars and journos who claim to be in with "them" but when it comes to a book written by a TA soldier we start to moan or ignore it. I found the book to be one of the best I've read in a very long time. I identified with his story so much it's a wonder Winter Warriors isn't compulsory pre-op reading. I mean, even Richard Holmes has put pen to paper and said its the best account of the Balkans he's ever read!
  11. I've been reading Winter Warriors off and on for the past week, currently at the part where the author and his Oppo have been left on their own at the Rebro they set up with the help of their RSWO and others... it's a good book, much of the basics mentioned and you can tell this is a true as it happened account of one lads experiences in a sometimes very dangerous and lonely place... Anyone an idea of where that Rebro was sited? he mentions somewhere West of MG, our team 'proved' a lot of the routes out that way just after the author and his Unit left theatre, I do remember coming across a mine belt to the West of MG and in the hills immediately north of the route crossing under a High Voltage Line, this was no more than 5 or 6 clicks out of MG so could have been on the route up to the Rebro if it was sited to the north of the main route...

    It's a good read and I would reccommend it to anyone who has ever completed a Bosnian tour especially during the U.N. and early IFOR days, I had no idea until reading this thread that the author was TA, I am sure he has mentioned quite a lot about how his own Unit would do things and where he had just trained etc. he comes across as being very professional in everything he does and puts to shame several of the 'Regulars' the chubby lad on the way up to MG springs to mind...

    Anyway, a good read and well worth having on your DPM Bookshelf alongside Dusty Warriors etc.

  12. Chaps i have indeed read this book and i was not impressed ! it is full of homosexual inuendo and references to shirt lifting, bad oral hygiene and a penchant for toe cheese.
    I have a broad mind but i found it so full of innacuracies that i threw it on my fire in disgust. How long it takes for a work of fiction to burn on a gas fire i do not know.
    Oh sorry i am getting confused with Viz. I have not yet had the opportunity to finish reading this excellent publication, as an ex reg associate of mine is having problems reading the long words and descriptive phrases. When he returns it, i shall of course air my opinions on this site as i like to back up old comrades whenever possible.

  13. I've read it and have to agree, this is an excellent book. Its down to earth, well written, very detailed and has the best glossary I've ever seen in a squaddie book. Excellent colour photos as well - really adds to the story when you can picture the events as well.
  14. The author was attached to the 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry for the tour on an S type engagement. The Battalion did a video of the tour and accompanies the book really well. (not for retail but surely available on e-bay every now and again)

    It was a fantastic tour and the first I had done with TA attached. Some were very good some were a complete nightmare but could all do their jobs. A credit to them.
  15. Clumpydump, the Daddy was, is and always be a nightmare, not on a Freddie Kruger scale but a class of his own, preferably involving Crayons.