TA bod strangles the mrs then tops himself.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spaz, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Obviously made a better Headline than Full time Tanker driver Strangles Wife.

    Daily Mail. Why mention his Mil connection? It's not as though he had PTSD ffs :x

    Actually Strike that, I guess he found his circumstances very stressful, a very sad story though.
  2. The same from the Mirror and the Sun.
  3. Maybe it's the fact that he'd just got back from 'annual deployment'.

    They're not going out of their way to distinguish annual camp from operational tour, are they? Seems to me like another headline to imply all service personell are a bunch of sick murderers, pushed over the edge by being deployed.
  4. A devastatingly sad story.

    And it comes too shortly after recent press about Soldiers struggling to cope following service and that soldiers seem to be making up a higher proportion than you would expect as homeless people, prison inmates and people suffering from mental illness.

    It makes you wonder if any lessons are actually being learned along the way.

    My best thoughts are with all concerned


  5. Whatever the background, its a sad story.
  6. There's nothing in the story to link it with his TA or any other military service except for the fact that he'd just come back from Annual Camp to discover that his wife had left him. May well be that there is no link at all. It just makes a better headline if it's a TA soldier who's done this terrible thing rather than a tanker driver.

    Whatever, a very sad story.