TA BMAC Course

The BMAC(V) course is delivered over a period of five weekend camps and one 15 day in-camp training period at Worthy Down. The BMAC(V) is the equivalent of the old Class 3 course and will qualify individuals as such on successful completion. All attendees must be familiar with Microsoft Word and its basic functions such as Page Setup, Cut, Copy etc

Course Content for the BMAC weekends contain subjects such as: Defence Writing, Tracing, Sub Unit Orders, PAX, Mobilisation, Orders and Instructions, DPA, Reports & Returns etc. The course is modular in format in that each weekend will be tested in isolation. Course Content for the two week course contains subjects such as: Honours & Awards, EC, personal details, Entitlements, map marking, banking, move & track etc. Throughout the 2 week course there are confirmatory exercises and exams.

Details of all the above will be with your RAO as course loading for both the weekend training and the 2 weeks at Worthy Down has started (in my Brigade area anyway). There is a requirement that before attending the 2 week course individuals must have attended and passed the 5 weekends. The first date for the 2 week course is 10 Jan 09 to 25 Jan 09 therefore time is tight if you are thinking of going on this course. Course dates are programmed in at Worthy Down until 05 Sep 09 to 20 Sep 09 (last course using the latest information)

As with all things military changes can, and will be, made. Check with your RAO and get your name down for the training even if you think you know everything there is to know. Changes are being looked at for the role of the SPS within the TA therefore it may be beneficial to have the right ticks in the right boxes

Hope the above helps

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