TA Better Now Than 20 Years Ago?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Calinius, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Fackin hell mate its fackin site easier than when we started. These young fackers just aren't fackin uo to it. Do you remember that fackin Saturday night when that facking nobber gayboy of a rupert tried to tell us not to fackin drink cos we were on the fackin ranges early. What a fackin tosser. Fackin Warcop wasnt it? Anyway you and me, fackin stripped down lannie, stick the jimpy under the fackin seat and straight up the fackin 66 to fackin Carlisle. Talking of 66's we took a couple of them along too in case the fackin local yokels turned fackin nasty. Parked the facker up and fackin straight on the p*ss. Fack me those Carlisle birds were fackin ugly. You need a fackin fair few pints down yer fackin neck before you can even get fackin started. Fackin years ago, the fackin government owned the fackin breweries in Carlisle and they used to make sure the fackin ale was fackin strong enough to cope with their plug ugly munters - otherwise the fackin population would have fackin died out and they fackin needed them for the fackin war effort. Anyway, no such fackin luck. All we could fackin get was fackin Newcastle Brown - fackin diarrhoea in a fackin glass if you fackin ask me. Anyway we'd already fackin wasted fackin drinking time chatting up those two fackin grannies who turned out to be fackin lezzers and it was getting close to fackin closing and we still hadnt reached the fackin ton. Fackin morse HF back to Chalkie at base - no fackin mobile fackin phones in those days -and that was the fackin lock-in at the Chamley Arms sorted. Fackin not a bad lad for a fackin darkie. No fackin idea where he fackin is now. Thought I fackin saw him in Asdas once but they all look the fackin same dont they?

    Fackin have to go. Some facker says his fackin ticket won't open the fackin barrier. Get another fackin couple in and I'll fackin be back before you can fackin say Colonel Gaddafi.
  3. 1988 billited Room 44 Beckingham camp doing GD's in the Sgts Mess

    Last weekend billited Room 44 Beckingham camp in the Sgts Mess
  4. Not been in 20 years but 10

    IMHO the rumours are the same only the uniform has changed

  5. Fackin 'ell..........fackwitt
  6. There is a lower percentage of Tourettes sufferers than 20 years ago it seems
  7. Beckingham Camp! Is that hole still operational? It should have been torn down years ago.
  8. 1977 billeted Warcop Camp 8-man room
    2007 billeted Warcop Camp 4-man room
  9. Yep still up and running, has a very good 6 mile CFT route (completely flat), has everything for MATTs weekend.
  10. More importantly, whats the scoff like?
  11. Hence you wouldn't see the changes, the major change was in 1998-99. Prior to this we did a lot of collective training, i.e. we'd go on Div/Bde exercises, working with a load of other TA units. As signals my current unit provided comms to 2 Division inc 49 and 15 Bde's.

    Now we don't train together as much, so therefore we don't get to see the bigger picture. I think this is a major problem, if you got mobilised you'd find yourself working in a very different environment such as a COMMCEN or Bde HQ.
    I've only been on one major combined arms (both regular & TA) exercise since 99. We initially struggled, but we had enough pre 99 SNCO's to carry us through and correct our weaknesses.
    However it was a far far more professional exercise than I'd ever done before, it was the way forward.
    If 8 Field Engineer Brigade ever need 38 Sigs Regt on exercise again, please ask. Its far more demanding than CCRF
  12. Edible, just try to avoid weekends when the Army Chav Force is in residence
  13. I was ex reg and TA. I came out of the TA in 1990, medical discharge after an accident at Winchester. The two things I noticed were that Regulars still looked at TA as a load of shite. They had no respect for us at all. And the TA kit was the same as regular soldiers. It wasn't when I first joined up.

    Actually something else which may have changed. I was in a NATO regiment, 7LI ,our training and fitness comittment was higher than other TA regiments. Is that still the same.
  14. Fack me, them fackin Poles. Mind you his fackin girlfriend wasnt half fackin bad. Wouldnt have fackin chucked her out of my fackin maggot on a cold night I can fackin tell you. He was only fackin sticking his fackin card in the wrong way round. Dont they fackin teach these fackers proper fackin English? He was nearly fackin losing his fackin rag and I thought I'd have to fackin get the fackin Glock out. They're fackin taking over all the fackin corner shops now you know.

    Anyway, thats all fackin sorted now. Cheers mate, I fackin needed that. Same a-fackin-gain ?

    Where fackin, were we ? Oh yeah, that fackin ride back to fackin Warcop was fackin hairy. Fackin needle fackin dead on 60 all the way so we didnt give the fackin plods any excuse to fackin stop us. Lights on fackin Convoy and hessian over the fackin plates - who fackin needs Stealth fackin technology? Course you had to fackin throw up going through fackin Appleby. Fackin diced carrot all over me fackin goggles and I nearly took out a fackin gippo's horse and caravan. Lucky it was a fackin A Sqn lanny cos it was all over the fackin vents. Pity the facker that had to fackin clean that up.

    Anyway, fackin park up outside the fackin Chamley, cam net over the facker, give the good old fackin morse knock on the door and we're fackin in. Before you fackin know it, that fackin Sinclair two handed watch of yours was fackin beeping away for reveille. Lucky we hadnt fackin changed out of fackin uniform the fackin night before so it was just a matter of freshening up the fackin cam cream, on with the fackin berets and through the fackin gate, cool as you fackin like.

    Back to the fackin billet, grab the fackin longs out of the fackin locker, bergens on and fackin ranges here we fackin come. By fackin ten hundred, my fackin head was feeling like some facker had stuck a fackin thunderflash in through my fackin ear - a fackin bit like when we fackin tested that PE4 in that fackin ruperts bunk. Fackin Platypus rehydration systems? Fackin hell, nothing beats a fackin hose pipe wired up to a fackin Watneys Party Seven in your fackin bergen!

    Fackin duvets! I fackin ask you!
  15. I was 8(Y)LI, I'd say 6RRF was a cut above every other unit except for 3 WFR which also another strong well manned Bn (was this because of mine closures?).

    7 LI and 8 LI were weak from what I saw, maybe before the split they were stronger